Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where did I go wrong?

Sorry for not being very active, I'm trying very hard to take interest in my own life...-_-;

As I mentioned before, Friday would have been my sister's 23rd birthday were she still with us. We were planning on going out to dinner, but got some donuts and chinese takeout instead. She was there in our hearts and minds, and it was nice to spend some time with my family again. My mom had just gotten a new digital camera, and I was testing it by taking pictures of our cats. I don't have any of the pictures yet, but once I get them, I'll probably post one or two.

I've got a cold again, and I've had a small fever the whole weekend and still today as well. I've gotten quite silly at times, which is always amusing to people around me. f^^;

I went to visit my cousin and her fiance in their new home in Ilmajoki on Saturday. Mom said they were going to go there since my uncle was going and the guy's parents were going there too. I wasn't too sure why everyone was going there, but I learded that it's been 4 years since they got engaged, it was on Friday the 13th of January in 2006. ^^ Surprisingly, one more family event I've missed while being away in Japan. ;P They had the most awesome cats, two orange-white boy cats called Tiku and Taku ( Chip n Dale ;) ). Tiku practically just melts in your lap once you start to pet him, so adorable! Taku was more timid, but very playful, the scratches in my arm is a proof of the fun we had together. xP

I spent Sunday just relaxing and watching movies, trying to get some rest so I can recover from this persistant flu. I managed to do my laundry and dishes too, and started drawing a pattern from my Lip Service Nano hoodie. Well, actually there wasn't too much to draw, so only the hood was missing. Not a very exciting weekend.

We walked to school on Monday again, since Miss Bunnyhopp's bike was still broken. That's okay, the walk is not actually too bad, at least when it's not too cold. I was working on the crown hoodie based on the In Vain -patterns I drew last week. I had painted a few D-rings blue, and bought some black ribbon for decoration. I was being very slow sowing the whole thing together again, so I didn't get much done, even though I stayed until the very end.

Today I attended the community college sowing class again, and kept working on my hoodie. I noticed I had brought the wrong black tricot with me, so I couldn't finish the hood. The shirt is looking pretty nice now, I need to finish the hood, attach it to the shirt, and then add the zipper and it's done. Should be finished tomorrow night. Man, I can't believe I'm such a slow worker, this really is an easy thing to do...T__T

My lip is healing nicely, I wish I could say the same about the navel piercing. =(

Here is my latest discovery, 5 powder Models Own eyeshadows from Seppälä. Neon Pink, Bright Grass, Metallic Lavender, Neon Blue and Neon Peach. I will be trying some of them tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's my today's look.

Ok, time to get some sleep.

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