Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I might still write something here every now and then because I really liked this blog, but for now I'm writing in my Finnish blog @

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Forget about age, it's just a number...

Happy birthday to me! It's my umpteenth 22nd birthday. ;þ

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring is for growing stuff!

So a while back I had this idea that I wanted to grow my own chilipeppers and mini tomatoes, and now I've got the tools! \(^_^)/ It took a really long time to get started, cause I didn't know where I'd get the proper seeds and I wasn't really actively looking either. I guess I could've just used seeds from the actual veggies, duh, but I wanted to get ones that were ment to be potted plants.

Earlier this week I randomly came across some cool seeds while looking for the netting, and despite their salty prices, I got three bags of the expensive seeds: cherry tomatoes, chilipeppers and red peppers. Then the next day I got some of your basic kitchen herbs as well as one packet of flower seeds, cause these were a lot cheaper.

Now, if you know me, you know I like round, soft objects, so when it comes to bowls and vases, it's hard for me to find the kinds I like, especially in the proper colours. However, I had bought three cheap black plastic pots and some dirt to start my teeny tiny indoor-garden, when I came across these really cute neon-coloured buckets and just had to get them! ^^ The big one's got the flowers in it, the two tiny buckets have some herbs in them, and the three plastic ones are guarding the more expensive stuff.

All except the peppers were designed to be planted in April-May, so I'm on schedule with those and late on the peppers. I hope they'll start to grow... I've wanted to grow stuff in my kitchen and in the balcony for as long as I can remember... My green thumb just happens to be located in the middle of my palm, I've even managed to kill cacti...f^^;

P.S. Here's what's growing just outside our door. ^^

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things might work out afterall

New stuff! New home! New life! New everything! \(^_^)/

I don't need to stress about things like crazy anymore, at least appartment-wise, since I managed to get the perfect home last week. ♥ I still need to figure out how to get all my stuff there, but I've got until the end of May. Oh, and a job would be great, but that's going to be easier to organize once I get there.

So on Friday my dad and I headed to Tampere with Miss Bunnyhopp and my ex. We stopped on the way for burgers, and got there with some time to spare, so we checked out how long it is to Miss Bunnyhopp's new home and got something to munch on from the store. Then it was time to check out my new place! ^^

The owners were this really nice old couple, and it turned out they hadn't planned any other viewings of the appartment. The place is really nice, on the second floor, with a balcony (yay, flowers!), a bathtub (insert a sigh of uttermost comfort here) with water fee included in the monthly rent, a clothesroom, lots of closet space and a cute little kitchen with a folding table. Suffised to say, me is happy. ^^

I've started packing, I've sold stuff, but I've
STILL got to get rid of a lot of stuff. I'm such a hamster! T___T I know I've got a lot of clothes that I'm just going to throw away to some flea market or something, and the other day I exchanged some of my old magazines and comics to new manga.

The rat shelf is now black, and I've got some netting for the doors, so it's starting to look pretty good. ^^ Still need to buy all the "appliances", and figure out who's got the kind of ratties I'm looking for.

I've found all the towels I wanted, all black and shades of blue. ^^ The dishes are a bit harder to come across, everything's pink or blue or just pure white. Sucks, cause I really want black and purple. Oh well, can't win them all. I found these pretty striped black sheets earlier this week, they were on sale too. ^^

I'm hoping dad'll figure out what to do with my dining room chairs. I have four of them, and they all need to be re-glued, repainted and re-upholstered. I'm thinking black and perhaps purple, or maybe just black pleather. At the moment they are pale wood with red cushions, and squeek when sat in.

The plan with Haru at the moment is to leave her with my ex-boyfriend. I got Haru when we were still living together, so she's kinda his pet too. This would be the least stressful option for her, so it's good.

I'm having a birthday/going away party in a week with Miss Bunnyhopp. Invitations only, we're going for early dinner at Amarillo first, and then heading back our place for some booze, drinking games and partying our pants off! Miss Bunnyhopp has been going on and on about a burlesque -themed party, so at least us birhday girls are going with that one. I want to make us a cake, and I think it's going to be a boob, muahahaa.

Speaking of cakes, I've been practising using gelatine. So far I've made two cheesecakes and one "jelly" cake, and they all turned out pretty good. ^^ Here's some pictures of them. The first one has white chocolate and orange in it with very thin orange topping, the second one is a darker cookie base with vanilla cream cheese in it and a mango topping, and the third one is all blueberry, except instead of cream I used vanilla whip. Deeelicious! ^^

No fancy decorations, cause I made them just for fun. Maybe when I'll actually make a cake for some party or something I'll be bothered with all that stuff.

By the way, I'm really glad people like my hair, since I've never had it fully black before. It's still really short, but it's getting better. ^^

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here ratty ratty ratty...♥

Blah, it's been a while again. -__- I've bought some new stuff, partied, and managed to sew stuff in between. Oh and stressed myself stupid trying to find an appartment and a job. So far I've got neither. =( The stress continues.

I ordered 3 pairs of fluffies from ebay, the cheapest ones I could find. I got them mainly for reference, since I've been meaning to make a pair of pretty green fluffies with matching kitty ears and a tail from this really expensive short-haired green faux fur I bought ages ago. You could see the fluffies were made really cheap, cause they weren't properly finished. The stretch part was nice though, but I had to sew the bottom flares so the fur wouldn't start falling off. Anywho, I got a pair of black ones, white ones, and bright pink ones.

Been somewhat social too since I last wrote here, on the 27th I first went to my Aunt's 50th birthday, and have to say was quite shocked to discover myself in the middle of the freaking forest in Ylihärmä, surrounded by my relatives and their offspring, as well as a karaoke machine. Brr.

On the same day I also went to a party arranged by my newly married friends who were celebrating their birthdays and their marriage at the same time. It was nice, until WoW-talk kicked in again. I was pretty out of it, feeling very airheaded even though I hadn't had even one drink by then. [The couple is religious, so their parties are always alcohol-free, which is fine by me, but do we have to talk about stupid computer games? -__- Sorry, but not my cup of tea.] People were talking about going to a gig later on, and I decided to join them. Had to leave the party quite early, cause I got there late in the first place, but in the end people gathered at my place, even people who weren't really invited. Grr. -__-#

We managed to convince Miss Bunnyhopp to join us as well, and she and I started getting ready. I couldn't decide what to wear again, and after trying a couple of outfits I ended up wearing the same clothes I had on before. Typical. Our uninvited guests insisted that we get to the club by ten [I never go anywhere until midnight...-___-], which annoyed Miss Bunnyhopp and I, cause our plan was just to get wasted. :þ We managed to chug down some booze before being rushed off our own freaking home, how rude!

At the club Miss Bunnyhopp and I ended up being bored out of our skulls and drinking the cheapest stuff available. Didn't like the warm-up bands there, so Miss Bunnyhopp and I had our own fun. Unfortunately she had been feeling somewhat under the weather the whole day, and ended up leaving before the main band started. I didn't let that get me down, and ended up partying the whole gig through. Machinae Supremacy, that is, forgot to mention who we went to see. xP I don't even know much of their songs, but it was great to dance and pounce to! I had loads of fun, and that's the main point. ^^ Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, cause I forgot my camera home throughout the whole day.

The second gig I went to was at the same club, and we went there after my friend's birthday party on the 3rd of April. I wasn't really planning on going anywhere but home after the party, but was easily persuaded. Tarot was playing, but their opening band had cancelled and they didn't even play my favourite song, so it kinda sucked. Meh, can't always win. I have pictures from this gig, but apparently I'd had enough liquor that night cause they're all blurry except for this one.
Last Thursday we went to Tuuri with my mom and Miss Bunnyhopp. I didn't really find anything special, except for the shoes I bought from one of the shoe stores next to Keskinen. My very first pair of landing boots, white ones too! Miss Bunnyhopp couldn't believe I've never owned shoes like that before, since she's always had at least one pair. ^^; At the moment she's got red ones she bought three years ago, and the same white ones I got. I've been trying to find pretty coloured towels and bowls for my new appartment (that I don't yet have) everywhere I go, but I have shit luck. I want a turquoise -themed bathroom, so I'm trying to find new cool towels, but it isn't as easy as you might think, especially since I don't want to spend a fortune on them. It so happens, that when we got back to Seinäjoki and visited Anttila, I found two really big soft pretty towels and they were on sale, yay! ^^
I've already got normal plates and sandwhich plates waiting, but I'm desperate to find cereal bowls and soup plates. I like really soft round shapes, and there aren't the types of bowls I want anywhere. Well, at least not in the colour I'd hope to find them, which is black, purple or lilac. Grr!

I've finally managed to find a good-sized bookshelf that I'm going to transform into a dwelling for my future pets. I love Haru to bits, but lets face it, she's already 2yrs 2½mnths old, and she won't live to see another winter. =/ So here's the shelf, I forgot to take a picture of it after buying it, it had glass doors on the other half (which is on the bottom here for some reason), and just a shelf on the other. The picture is also missing the two actual shelf-pieces. I want it to be black though, and since it's not real hard wood but some plastic coated woodlike shit, I have to use sandpaper and an undercoat paint before the actual black paint, which means the whole thing is going to cost me shitload of money, but at least it'll be exactly the way I want it to be. Also need to find doors to it, buy a running wheel, and food bowls. Yes, I'm preparing for teeny tiny blue ratbabies. ♥ ^^
I am so freaking stressed out I'm going mental. I need to find a job and I need an appartment, but they're all really expensive and finding a job is shit right now. Hopefully I'll get something. It doesn't help either that I'm in the middle of my school project(s) right now, and the next due date is tomorrow. We'll have to cut the fabric tomorrow, and there's some paperwork that goes with it as well. I can't finish the damn project either, since we have to have something to sew on the 28th, cause there'll be people watching our progress at school. -___- Annoying, I thought I'd be done with the whole thing by now. *sigh*

Miss Bunnyhopp lucked out, and got a really nice appartment from a fellow Seinäjoki resident who owns a small flat in Tampere. She also got a job working at the same place where her sister works, so she's all set for the future. I cannot believe my shitty luck about all this! I wish I'd win the fucking lottery, so I could just buy a home of my own, get a car, and be set for quite a long time. -__-# Hey, at least I fill out the coupon every week, I've at least got a snowball's chance in Hell....*sigh*

My Lippy finally arrived!! \(^_^)/ I love the skirt with the separate leg things, but am kinda worried the skirt part would hike up during intense stomping. O__o I wasn't too happy with the hoodie though, and with the two of them put together I looked like a freaking space alien! I'm going to sell the hoodie. I wonder what the skirt would have looked like in all-black...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I hope you've mixed up your mud-cocktails...

As some of you may know, yesterday was April Fools day, hence the previous post.

I'm not a lesbian, not even bisexual, and neither is Miss Bunnyhopp, so lets get that cleared out right now. :þ Not that there's anything wrong with homosexuality, I'm open to all relationships as long as both partners truly care for each other. Like a friend of mine said, it's not the sex you fall in love with, it's the person.

Anywho, I love to fuck with people's minds, and I actually came up with the story about a week ago. I wanted to post it earlier as a type of friendship test, to see how many of our friends would actually believe it to be true, how many of them would be happy for us.You know, find out who our real friends are. I decided to wait until April 1st though, because I thought it would make a nice gag at the same time. :þ

Sorry guys, I just couldn't resist. I didn't mean to offend anyone either, so I'm sorry if I've upset someone. I know a lot of you guys did end up gongratulating us in Facebook, and even though the story was fake, I really appreciate all your nice words. You guys rock.♥

SUMMARY: It was a prank, probably not a good one, but a prank nonetheless, I loves the cock! :þ

The Truth is Out There

Miss Bunnyhopp wanted us to wait until we've moved to Tampere, but I'm too happy to hide this anymore. I'm in love!

You see, we've both been hurt by the men we cared about. We've also always been there for each other. And now, after all our disappointments... We've found each other. It's perfect! We're already best friends, we know what the other is thinking about, and we complete each other's sentences.

Why did we think it best to keep it a secret from you, dear friends? Because we know how
your religion affects your thoughts on this matter. We also know that you don't think very highly of us as it is.

This is one of the reasons we want to leave Seinäjoki and our old lives behind. We're afraid of your judgemental opinions on our happiness, and we want to start fresh.
The plan is still to move to Tampere, but in the same appartment, with a mutual rental agreement, as a couple. Lunatic the Bunny will of course be living with us, and Haru the Hammy as well, if only she makes it through the summer.

All I ask of you is to wish us luck with our new life. No hard feelings!

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's all about the "he says - she says" -bullshit

I cannot remember when I've last been this pissed off. I have been cussing like sailor all day. I think it's a combination of me feeling really ill and weak, and having forgotten my anti-depressants too many mornings in a row, and the fact that Mr. Insanely Tall turned out to be a real douchebag, and I'm angry that he managed to hurt Miss Bunnyhop.

Yeah, I've been lazy with my blog too. I was so bummed out about not being able to use my camera, so I didn't feel like posting anything either, especially since transferring pictures from my cell phone to my laptop was such a pain in the ass. But now my camera is back! Or more like, the battery charger is back, my dad was able to fix it. ^^ Hooray!

I've been sick for two days now. I don't feel like eating, I feel nauseous, weak, dizzy, and my arms and hands keep feeling numb. I think I caught a bug somewhere, and then me having neglected both my asthma and depression meds is adding up to the cocktail. In short, it sucks to be me right now.

I had a really fun Saturday though, I asked my mom to help me make a dress form, cause I can't afford to buy a real fitting doll. We ended up shopping and then talking for quite a long time, and eventually didn't have the energy to start the dress form. Instead, I made Miss Bunnyhopp try out the project this morning, but it turns out, it wasn't the best idea when we're both feeling under the weather... We managed to start it to a degree, but eventually I had to be cut loose, cause I felt like I would pass out. I think I'll still be able to continue working on the same one once I feel better.

The sweater was half-off, and I spotted the bag in Anttila a week or two ago, and I've been longing for it ever was kind enough to get it for me! Love!

I haven't been doing much lately, the same old same old. When I couldn't do anything fun yesterday, I went trough a lot of my stuff and found things I didn't even remember I had. Since it was pretty clear I wouldn't use a lot of the stuff before, I put most of it up for auction at, and already sold some of the stuff. ^^ I've been continuing on that today, and have almost listed everything.

I need to spend tomorrow on my school projects, since I skipped school and had a nice nap instead. I was happy to discover I was feeling much better after I woke up, and even managed to avoid the usual nap headache I tend to get for sleeping during daytime. The first evaluation for the project is on Wednesday, so I need to have everything ready by then. I've got the basic pattern ready, I just need to draw the adjusted ones, make a couple more sketches, and fill out all the paperwork.

Oh, I would've gotten a summer job at Atria again this year, but I wouldn't have been able to start there until mid-June, so I had to turn it down. I'm hoping I've left Assjoki behind me by then, so I would've only been available for a couple of weeks anyways. I really wish they'd read the applications ins
tead of just looking for familiar names...-__-

Okay, I guess that's all for now, I think I'm going to head back to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

P.S. I've really got quite a talent at cropping pictures so that it seems like I'm a fat duck. *heart*

PPS. My nose is massive, thanks for noticing.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


NOTE: My camera is still unavailable, so all the pictures have been taken with my cellphone. -___- Also the reason, why I haven't posted earlier; I have to use Bluetooth to access the pics...and I hate Bluetooth, the fucking thing keeps crashing over and over again. Hate.

Anyways. Picture time! Here's a random shot of a suit of armour they had at the fabric retailer's. I don't really know why they had it though, or why it has two extra swords, one of them a Japanese knock-off...O_o

A couple of days ago Miss Bunnyhopp brought me three of her skirts, and said I could have them all for 50e, if they fit and if I wanted them, otherwise she'd sell them over the internet. I tried them on, and they all fit! \(^_^)/ I got this really hot tiny Lip Service black and silver mini skirt. I haven't cheched what the actual name of the line is, so I'll post that later. I can't really wear this in public yet, my tummy is too big. xP

The other one was a long black fishtail skirt made of black denim, I think it's from Morticia? It's a little too short, but I'm thinking about adding some ruffly to the hem to give it a bit more length. The skirt has a button with a bat on it, and some screw-like metal details in the front and back.

The third skirt is from Body Line in Japan, and it's more of a gothic lolita/emo/Harajuku kind of skirt. It's got a lot of layers, and while I was taking pictures of it, the text "The kitty's eyes were full of mischief. Mischievous kitty's playclothes." caught my eye. That's Japan for you! ;P It's still really nice, even with the random garter holders in the front.

Miss Bunnyhopp and I have been cleaning our closets, gathering stuff we no longer need. I'm planning to move to Tampere in about 3 months, so I really need to get rid of all my excess junk! We scheduled the local recycling centre to come get the stuff we can't sell anywhere, so now we're down 1 sofa (my soft green sofa, that I got for free in the first place. Too big to fit anywhere, that's why it was in our kitchen! xD), 1 chest of drawers (best translation atm), and 9 bags of clothes, shoes, plushies etc.! Getting rid of some of that stuff made me really sad, cause I had to give up a lot of plushies, and many of them were gifts. People tend to give me plushies as gifts, so I have a TON of them! I just can't keep all of them, I'm too old anyways! xP

My brother gave me this for Christmas a couple years back, losing this makes me feel so damn guilty...=( It's such a silly cat! *heart*

I bought this pineapple plushie in Okinawa, and it's been with me ever was my best tangible souvenir from Okinawa, I really hope I get to go back there one day....*sniff*

This moose plushie is really old, I got it one Christmas from Mikichan. I still saved the tiny card though! *heart*

I'm also selling a bunch of stuff, and here's some of the clothes I have for sale.

PunkyFish black and red college shirt, size about S-small M. This one was my sister's, and it's too small for me. =(

Then there are these two gorgeous gothic lolita dresses, brand new! I have only tried them on, and I loved especially the purple one, but I just can't afford to keep them right now! I really need the cash, so I'm selling them away. =(

If the clothes look a bit silly, it's because the fitting doll isn't mine and is too small for these clothes. Yeah, Miss Bunnyhopp is really skinny! T_T Also, I didn't put a crinoline skirt underneath the dresses, so they look really flat. They're a lot poofier and prettier with a crinoline underneath. ^^

A pink poofy and soft petticoat. Really pretty, but I just don't use it enough. =/

Black leather belt with tiger print starts, too small for me. Size 34".

If you're interested in any of these, click on the links for more details.