Friday, January 15, 2010

Where were you last night

Here's a picture of me before I dyed all of my hair black. Exciting, but a good pic IMO.

I didn't attend Mr. Boogieman's birthday party, and I kinda regret I didn't. Ended up waking up at 4.30pm that day, so I wouldn't even have been able get there in time, since the last possible train was just leaving. Oh well.

I ended up meeting Miss Bubbly and her boyfriend Mr. Cool instead. Miss Bubbly and I started by taking a few random pictures, then proceded to watch 'Some Like it Hot' with some drinks until the craving for pizza took over and we had to head out. Mr. Cool accompanied us, and after the pizza we went for a drink at Rokkikellari. All the long-haired dudes there were taken, bah... From there we moved on to Bar15, and I was surprised to see the place packed with people even though there was no band. I'm starting to feel old and annoyed every time I go there, because it's filled with all these young twats nowadays, some of them seem so out of place it's ridiculous. -__-

I had fun though, and didn't even spend too much money compared to how wasted I was. Always a good thing. I headed back home after that, stayed up for a bit longer, and was just planning on getting some sleep, when my phone rang once. Mr. Boogieman. I ended up calling him back, it was weird tho. I had to make sure he got home safe before falling asleep.

I spent the Sunday half waiting for Miss Bunnyhopp, half happy to be alone. Weird.

My first ever orange makeup! Yes, I did it really quickly, and it looks peachy, but it was ORANGE! I hate yellow and orange...

School continued again on Monday, and Miss Bunnyhopp and I ended up walking there, since her bike is broken. I drew patterns from my Lip Service In Vain -hoodie, and then cut this black tricot with blue crown patterns, I'm going to replicate the hoodie. I need to spray paint some of my D-rings tho, and figure out what I'll use as trim.

The hoodie in question. The sign was weird somehow, but you can't see it from this picture. There was more than one dude in it. O_o

Tuesday started with a sore throat. My parents came to visit, and I got new mittens and socks that my mom had made. *heart* I kept babbling on about rats, if nothing else, I was left with a new-found appreciation towards the critters from my thing with Mr. Boogieman. I'm planning on getting a pair of lady ratties once an acquaintance of mine has a new litter. I love Haru to bits, but I need to face the facts, and it's almost her 2nd birthday. I'm also thinking about setting up a similar cage for the rats that Mr. Boogieman had, it's a really good solution spacewise.

I picked up the paperwork I need so that I can attend community classes for free this spring. I'm only attending one class though, one that's arranged by Miss Bunnyhopp's mom, more sowing for me. I didn't attend the class yet though, I need to plan what I'm doing a little more. Okay, I was just being tired and lazy.

I skipped school on Wednesday, cause I felt worse. I'm getting a cold again, which totally sucks ass. I think it's due to my other heater not working, my room is really cold. My bed is also next to the heater that works, so I can't have it too hot. Oh and speaking of my bed, it's fucking falling apart! The bottom boards are falling off, and the fricking thing is only one year old! Pisses me off, my first proper bed too.

Miss Bunnyhopp left for Jyväskylä again this morning, so I'm spending the weekend alone. Which is fine for me. I won't be attending the last Schatten party in Tampere, cause I can't really afford to go, and I don't have a place to stay there either. Plus everyone else is going, so I'd have to get there ridiculously early, and I hate going to clubbing when I'm not drunk. Plus I'd kinda be alone, even though some friends of mine are going.

I've been watching a lot of TV and movies, and I absolutely have to recommend 'Nurse Jackie' to everyone. Dark humour, hospital stuff, and a really cool main character. Love! ^^

I took out my second lip ring, it wasn't healing properly. I knew from the first weeks that it wouldn't end up well, but I had to see how it would turn out. Well, it turned out bad, there's a bump on the inside. My navel piercing is also doing really bad, it has grown out a little bit, and it's aching and not healing. I really don't want to get rid of it, I like it. I'm just too fat to rock it. T__T My tongue has been hurting for at least a month now, and I'm not sure why. I really hope I don't have to take it out, I've gone through too much pain to fucking give it up.

January's my sister's 23rd birthday. We're going somewhere to eat tomorrow. I really miss her... We're also going to talk about the possibility of going to Canada this summer, since my cousin is getting married. Two of my cousins are getting married this year, an acquaintance of mine already did, and two of my friends are marrying each other. I guess I'll have to quote a Facebook group here, "My friends are getting married, I'm just getting drunk".

Got a little bored last weekend.

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