Thursday, October 29, 2009

Always running late...f^^;

Argh! Last minute panicking. I've got my outfit ready, and packed a ridiculous amount of stuff to take with me, considering we'll only be there until Sunday...T__T

Anyways, I just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend, a safe Samhain, and a Happy Halloween!! ^^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yarr! ^^

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's super wench! ^^ *stops wondering what the SW costume would look like...*

I'm pretty happy with myself today. I got my pirate bloomers done, finished my vest and attached sleeves to a blue/black stripy kitty hoodie. Well, the vest still needs lacing, but it's too late to start hammering
the eyelets in right now. I got so much done! ^^

I should still find clothes, makeup, shoes and other stuff that I'm taking with me, but I'm practically falling asleep on my desk, so I'll have to do that tomorrow morning. I hope to get everything done in time, since our train leaves at one-something.

I just can't get over how much I love the pirate outfit. <3 I've wanted one for so long, and actually have a bought one, but it's...well, kinda porno, and way too short to wear out in public, lol! The only thing I need to decide is what shoes to wear, and whether I still want to be a zombie pirate, or just a pirate...^^

Gray/Silver makeup today, kinda inspired by the line
"Colours last a lifetime and fade to gray"
H&M Superstar Silver eyeshadow
Rimmel Colour Rush 080 Glitzed
Black eyeliner and mascara

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late night thoughts

I'm thinking about adding a Tagboard here, like in my other blog. I just don't know where to find a good one, since the one I have there is only available for one site at a time. Recommendations are welcome. Comments in general are appreciated, so if you have something to say, please do so.

I've been trying to figure out whether I still have the money to buy more contact lenses, and came to the conclusion that I'll make it, so I ordered Air Optix Aqua for six more months. I also got 30 pairs of Focus Dailies, since I got them quite cheap and they're really handy. ^^

I'm quite worried that my plans for Halloween won't work out in the end. =( We're supposed to take over Miss Bunnyhopp's sister's place for the weekend, but MBH said her sister suspects having the piggy flu aka H1N1 virus. Hopefully that's not the case, and we get to spend a fun weekend, virus free. =/

I used the day quite well: drew the patterns for the bloomers and the skirt, and cut the teal satin ready for tomorrow. The bloomers are fairly simple to make, so I should have time to finish the vest as well. I managed to make it fit a little better, but it differs so much from the original pattern, that it'll be really hard to cut and add the lining now. Since it's mainly just for the Halloween outfit, I think I'll make due, and then adjust the pattern more for pirate outfit number two. The other one will have a lilac skirt, silver white vest, and the same white shirt I made for this one. ^^ Hopefully I'll find some of the cheaper black satin, so I can make the bloomers I originally wanted, if they fit. ^^

I also tried out a shirt pattern I drew. I took it from a simple t-shirt I had, drew it out, and then changed it to suit my needs. I used thin purple tricot for it, I know, I should've used something non-stretchy, but I had nothing right now. The pattern still needs to be modified a little, since one of the parts was the wrong shape. It's not too bad though, for my first pattern modification. ^^ The actual shirt will be made from this black pinstripe fabric, and will need a zipper since it doesn't really have much stretch in it.

Blabbing on about my sowing projects again...I guess it's time for bed. ^^


Yesterday at school, when I was making my pirate skirt, it hit me. I don't have a backup plan for my outfit... Yes, the skirt failed. But only because the fabric I used is so much thicker and heavier than what was recommended. It seriously looks like I'm wearing curtains. T__T Then I went through my patterns, and had a sigh of relief - luckily I had stashed up on all the pirate patterns I could find. I'll make bloomers now, and maybe try to make a different skirt, that fits the pattern better. ^^

I went out shopping for more fabrics, cause I really wanted to make the bloomers out of black satin. I decided I need to make a scarf as well, one that I can just tie around my waist. Well, did the local fabric store have any black satin? Yes. Was I willing to pay 11,90e/metre for bridal satin? No. I discovered that the store has pretty much replaced every single roll of regular satin (3,90e/m) with bridal satin, which costs almost three times as much. A year ago they still had regular satin in really nice colours, all 3,90e/m. Now that they've moved, I could only find 3 rolls of regular satin, 4-5 stretch satin, and about 10 of bridal satin. It's ridiculous! I ended up buying this teal satin (it was the nicest of those 3 regular ones I could find) and a piece of white organza for the waist scarf. I'm SO not happy with the store, it sucks that it's pretty much the only fabric store here. =(

So now I need to draw the pattern on my own paper, once again, since the pattern papers Simplicity, McCalls and Butterick use are very thin and silky, and I may need to use the other sizes in the future...-___- Those are a pain in the ass to draw, especially since I don't have a good table. I don't want to wait until tomorrow either, I still need to try and salvage the vest.

Luckily I've already got a pack of hairdye, so I can finally touch up my roots with black. I think I'll leave that for Thursday morning at the latest, today I'll focus on the clothes. My bangs will remain blonde until I finish the dreads, and go find a pink that matches them. ^^

Oh, I had also planned to go get a black Gosh effect powder today, but when I got to the only store that I know sells them here, they had none. They hadn't gotten any yet, they had no idea if they were going to get them, and if they did, when they'd be available. I'm really sick of getting answers like that, I wish someone would just take the time to actually find me the answers aka did their job...

At least I finally got to start season 3 of Supernatural, so yay. ^^

I liked yesterday's makeup so much I tried to recreate it with a different eyeliner. It was cool, cause I always use black liquid eyeliner, and the metallic one yesterday proved that I don't need to. I'm just not very good at using kajal pens, so it'll take some time getting the hang of it...unfortunately the lilac I used today was too similar to the eyeshadow, and doesn't really stand out. It's still a nice combination though. ^^

Random lilac two-tone eyeshadow in a really cute metal box
Wet n Wild Metallic Lilac eyeliner pen 9
Black mascara

Monday, October 26, 2009


I hate the weather, it's gray, rainy and just sucky. I'm also getting really mopy and annoyed because of it, since I need to head out with my bicycle in just a few minutes. Not in the mood for catching another cold. I burned my tongue as well, so I'm extra cranky today. Grr!

Turns out the vest pattern I drew and cut already had seam allowances included, so for now it's huge. Need to adjust it at school, and then find a lining fabric and do the same. Hopefully it won't be too much of a hassle, but knowing my luck I wouldn't bet on it... And I thought I could've spent today doing pocket and collar samples. *sigh*

Season 2 of Supernatural is finished now, only a couple episodes I missed the first time around. So now it's time for the goodies, season 3, of which pretty much every episode is new to me. Yay! Good times ahead. ^^

My pirate gun is looking good, painted nicely. I haven't done anything to the goggles yet, but there's no hurry, I won't need them just yet.

I was going to do a very earthy brown look today, but going through my makeup I realised that I had gotten rid of everything boring aka brown. No brown eyeshadows, no nothing. O__o I did find a matte plum two-tone shadow though, so I decided to combine it with the bronze/copper/whatever Wet n Wild eyeliner pen I got last week. Here's what it looks like.

The reason I wanted to do a really natural look is that I discovered I can finally put my hair into two little piggy tails, and I feel very girl-next-door, hehe. ^^

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I hate Sundays

Not much to report today, had a lazy, boring and frustrating Sunday. My sowing machine doesn't work, so I'll have to ask my dad to look at it. Watched a lot of Supernatural (season 2), coloured some of the clothes sketches I made earlier, and was a total couch potato. No pictures today, makeup was boring and consisted of just eyeliner and mascara. Didn't take one single photo today.

Ended up going to an otaku club meeting, haven't been to one in a long time, but I got really bored and wanted to leave the house before I went nuts. My ex offered me a ride there as well, so I decided the check it out. I used to be a part of the crew arranging that stuff, but when the formed leader of the group decided to quit and was replaced by this other guy, I quit. I have my issues with him, so I refused to have anything to do with the activities as long as he was in charge. He still is, and will continue to be, but at least I can't be forced into anything I don't agree with anymore.

There were very few people there this evening, and there wasn't really much to do. I ended up playing with my NDS, which I was glad to have taken with me. A friend of mine helped me get a little further in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. We also noticed, that it's possible to play a game that only one of us has, so we had a Taiko no Tatsujin 2 match. ^^ Sounds geeky, but NDS is actually the very first game console I've ever owned, and I'm still learning to use it. xP Haven't played in ages either, so it was fun for a change.

Afterwards we drove around with my ex for some time, and talked about things. I told him how hard the situation is for me, and I feel like it's too early for us to be friends just yet. It's fine when there are people around, but things get really awkward when it's just the two of us, I don't know how to act.

I don't know what will happen in the future, but I'm hoping to make a clean break from the life I lead now. My friends have just sorta faded away, and I don't really mind either. Yeah it pisses me off that nobody cares enough to stay in touch, but I'm so sick of all this bullshit going around in this circle of friends. I want to start fresh someplace else. It'll be lonely, but at least I'll stay true to myself.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun Friday, slow Saturday

No post yesterday, sorry about that. I wore so much pink it was almost ridiculous: a pink skirt, a pink t-shirt, pink-black socks, short black shirt over the t-shirt, pink makeup, 2 pink bracelets, pink-black bracelet, pink bow in my hair, pink underwear...xP Yeah, I was pink. I could've worn pink shoes as well, but went with my usual black ones.

I got a huge bag full of fabrics from the big store yesterday: white tricot with newspaper print (dress and a shirt, here I come), weird pink-beige stripy tricot that I didn't realise I had actually bought until today when I hang it to dry O__o, wine tricot, stretchy elastic tricot (for form-fitting shirts with puffy sleeves), pretty blue college, black and white big stripe college (I'm planning on making a really long pixie-style dress/coat with this one), purple vinyl for detailing, and a bunch of zippers and some nice elastics. My mom sponsored the trip, which is great, cause I'm still flat-ass broke. T__T I've already shrunk the darker fabrics, so tomorrow means a trip to the washing machine for the white stuff. ^^

So I had pink makeup yesterday, and I just applied more for the evening plus fixed my eyebrows. We went the see The Final Destination 3D even though the tickets cost an outrageous 12
euros. I liked the movie, but I expected more from it since they advertised it with "Death saved the best for 3D", so I was kinda disappointed, especially since the tickets were so expensive. I have enjoyed the first movies though, and it followed the familiar pattern with people dying with as much blood and grossness as possible, so there were those fun moments too.

After that I headed to the bar with Miss Bunnyhopp, we just wanted to go out and hang out. The night turned out to be quite a lot of fun in the end, even though neither of us got drunk. There was this band playing, one that I've never heard about, Tracy Gang Pussy. The first couple of songs were kinda okay, but after that I just got really bored since it all sounded the same, the whole gig felt like one neverending song since it all sounded the same. The only word I can come up with to describe them is emorock, and they looked the part too. I hate the word emo by the way, as well as categorising, but man, I just have to use it here...

Anyways, turns out the guys were French, and after some eyeing
from a couple of them and from Miss Bunnyhopp, I decided to drag her to meet them. There was some miscommunication between us, since I find the French accent quite hard to understand, but they were saying something about us going with them to Stockholm, where they had their next gig. O__o Oh and Miss Bunnyhopp and the guitarist got along very nicely, if you know what I mean...;) We ended up with really crappy pictures of us and the band dudes, both of us bought a tiny pin as a "souvenir", and I got a drumstick. I like drummers. ^^

We kept laughing all the way home, it was just too funny. I hid the drumstick under my pillow and tried to imagine it was given to me by my favourite drummer, the hunky Master Tommy, but unfortunately I just had a really weird dreams. He did appear in the last one though, but it was completely weird, and there was a gigantic red beetle in the dream, which ended up attacking me and scaring me awake. O__o

Here are some pictures.

I hate that picture, I look like a freaking emofag. I really dislike those longer partitions on the sides, but every time I try to cut them Miss Bunnyhopp intervenes and says they're nice. Maybe I'll just get rid of them next week when she doesn't see... Oh and I'm so glad my dread project is coming along nicely, I'll get to pretend I have long hair again...-__-

Ooh, for the record, my hair is what it is because it was in a really bad shape and I cut it short to grow it back healthier, but it's still really short. I don't want to cut it any more, because I want to keep it long enough all over to put in dreads. I've also tried to dread my own hair, but it's too silky for that. So part of why it was so unhealthy is due to the dreading process. I promised myself black hair for the winter, but since i get bored so easily, I left the bangs blonde so I can keep switching the colour in them at least. They've been teal and blue so far, next I'm gonna go with magenta/purple/pink.

The story of my hair. All in all I've had dreads three times now, all synthetic. The first ones I had were storebought, and really thin, quite poorly made too. I had them in my hair twice, in two different combinations. The ones I had last time I made myself, synthetic, some of them softish and others quite hard, because I'm still learning how to make them. They were also falling apart, which sucks ass, cause I spent A LOT of money on the fibers. =( Unfortunately I can only use the dreads for short periods of time, because they start to scratch my skalp and have left the back of my head very sore every single time. I'm hoping the woollen ones I'm making won't cause so much problems. =/

Today I've been needle felting black wool together with the pink/purple I have, and washed 3 of them into their final shape. I have 18 waiting to be soaped, and I think I need to make twice as much to be all set. Luckily I can do that with the wool I have, so no need to buy more. ^^ Unless I want to try another colour...^^; Luckily the second season of Supernatural arrived on Friday, so I've spent a really relaxind day with that and the dreads. ^^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black and white

Went to bed quite late last night, so I slept in this morning. Miss Bunnyhopp wanted to go out shopping, so I went with her. I don't have too much to spend on anything extra, but I needed a new eyeliner since the old one is dying on me. I bought a black Mega Liner from Wet n Wild, since it has a superb price-to-quality ratio, and doesn't irritate my eyes. I also found a bargain bin and grabbed three eyeliner pens, also WnW: Metallic Lilac, Silver, and one that doesn't have a name (no. 8) but looks copper to me. I ended up buying these really cute skull hair clips as well. Don't the nostrils just give more personality to the skull dudes? ^^

In the end I didn't get any dreads done today. =( The second season of Supernatural still hasn't arrived, and I spend so much of today either not at home or doing something else that I just didn't get anything I had planned done. I was hoping to have spent the day watching Supernatural and felting at the same time, but hopefully I'll get to do that during the weekend, since I'm already fully booked tomorrow. I'm going to a big fabric store about an hour away from where I live. It's the town I used to live in, but was glad to get away from, though I'm still way too close. My bank is still there, and I have to go pick up my new card, plus visit a few relatives on the way. ^^

Other plans for tomorrow include going to see the Final Destination 3D movie, as I already mentioned, and Miss Bunnyhopp wants to go to a bar afterwards. Tomorrow is also "wear pink day" for breast cancer awareness, and I've already went through my closet for pink clothes. I think I'll also find my pink nailpolish, and paint my nails. ^^ The cause became important to me after I had a tiny benign lump removed from my r
ight breast a couple years ago.

Miss Bunnyhopp was bleaching her hair today to put in some blue hairdye, and I ended up bleaching the remains of the blue from my bangs. I'm not sure I'll put in any other colour for now, since I'm waiting to get my dreads done, but if I do, it'll either be emerald green or pink. Bleaching my hair always makes me miss being least then I have the perfect excuse for being a dummy! xP

I got my welding goggles in the mail today, and they are freaky!
xD The lower part is a softer plastic than I thought it would be, so I'm not sure paint will stick to it, but it should be fine with the harder plastic. I'm not sure how to switch the lenses to coloured ones though...hopefully this won't become one of my unfinished and forgotten projects....f^^;

Makeup was nothing special today, just eyeliner and mascara with the remnants of the golden glitter. I couldn't get all the glitter out even though I showered, cleaned my makeup AND washed my face. O__o

Anyways, time for nailpolish! ^^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purple with a dash of gold

Seven days of blogging in a row, yay for me! (Even though this one almost didn't make it...)

I've be
en quite busy today. I was really sleepy in the morning, so it was hard to get out of bed, but then my flatmate Miss Bunnyhopp gave me a deadline: she'd go by some tortilla chips if I'd get ready by the time she comes back and then we'd watch movies. And we did. ^^ Yesterday we watched the first Final Destination, today the second and probably tomorrow the third. Then we're all set for the Final Destination 3D -movie that comes to theatres this Friday. ^^

I watched another movie too, Vanity Fair, and kept drawing&writing stuff for school. I managed to get the papers I needed ready in time, and got to focus on my pirate wench shirt when I got to school. Cutting the fabric, sowing, ironing and everything took me 3 hours + cookie break, but it's only mis
sing the elastic from the sleeves and the neckline. Yes, I'm slow at this stuff...-___-

Tomorrow I'll either focus on making the skirt and getting the lining fabric for the vest, or felt some more wool into dreads. I only made one so far, but it turned out quite pretty, so I'm happy with the technique I used. The dreads will be made of two different colours, so I wasn't sure how exactly to put them together.

Today's makeup was made with a purple eye pen that has gold glitter in it, but it didn't last very long, since I was too tired to search for a purple eyeshadow to attach the pen to my lids better. It's very boring, but I wasn't too interested in doing anything special today.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sun came out again! ^^

Today's been a pretty good day, I got a lot of stuff done already by noon, so after that I've been kinda chilling at the computer. ^^

I had my tattoo recolored a bit, since it wasn't as symmetrical as I wanted it to be, and it's looking better already. Now the only thing bugging me about it is the fact, that the blue turned out a lot darker than I had originally planned, but there's nothing to be done with that. =/ All in all, I'm still satisfied with it.

I also bought some stuff: several felting needles to help me with my next dread project; 8 plastic backpack clips in two different sizes (I'm not sure what these are really called); some buttons and the Neutrogena facial products that I've been looking for from all the wrong places.

I only really needed the Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub, but they had this special that if you bought two products, you'd get the Moisturiser for free, so I got the Facial Wash too. ^^ They were a little bit more expensive than I thought they would be, but still a very reasonable price, so yay. ^^ Hopefully they'll help me with my skin issues, so I can post more full-face pictures...f^^; It's not that my skin is horrible, I just hate spots, and when taking pictures very close up, they tend to scream "look at me!"....T__T

I managed to find a really cool pirate gun yesterday, and also bought a bling ring to go with it. I don't want to use too much stuff, but the gun will make it more realistic. Though I'm kinda moving towards being a zombie pirate, so I don't know if I'll really need any accessories...f^^; My costume still remains pretty much untouched. I started with the vest yesterday, moved on to a completely different project, and then ended up leaving school early, so I didn't get much done in the end. I'm hoping to fix that this evening at home and tomorrow when I go to school again.

I was happy to found the third season of Supernatural waiting for me in the mailbox, since I just finished watching the first one a week ago. I would've been even happier, if season three had been accompanied by season two, but it should get here by the end of the week. The show is on TV here, and I watched every single episode of season one when it aired, but I'm not sure how much of season two I've watched, but I know I was either still at work or fell asleep during every single episode of season 3, since it aired during the summer, and I was working either early mornings or late evenings. I will be buying season four too, when the box set is finalised, and hope to move on to season five. ^^ I fell in love with the show, and got an enormous kick out of the fact, that being a Gilmore Girls fan, I was accustomed to knowing Jared Padalecki by the name "Dean", and keep telling everyone how funny I think it is that in this show Dean is his brother, Jensen Ackles...xP I also loved how they pointed to Gilmore Girls in one of the episodes, where "Sam" got the shivers "for some unexplained reason" while they were visiting the production studios. xD

Ok, enough about that. ^^ The sun is actually showing today, so I guess that's one of the reasons I'm in such a good mood. ^^

Today I decided to try on the new lashes, so here they are. ^^ I still need to practice putting them on tho...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shopping and school, in that order

Mom took me shopping this morning, which was really nice. I got a couple of shirts, but I also got some makeup stuff as well: a Wet n Wild Rock Solid nail polish in Quartz of Course (a dark shimmery pink); L'Oreal Roll'on True Match foundation; and BodyTalk black fake lashes with baby pink diamonds on them. I've been really curious about the Roll'on foundation, but it's ridiculously expensive. I decided to give it a go nevertheless. It does leave a velvety feeling on your face, and the roll is pretty easy to work with. The only bummer so far is that when you're dipping the roll in the foundation the edges take in more foundation than the centre does, so it leaves slight lines which are easily blended in rolling around more.

My main issue with foundations is that my skin tends to get really oily during the day, and no foundation stays pretty for very long. There's also the eternal curse of having really fair skin, so most foundations are too dark for me. Even now I'm getting really paranoid about this one, thinking it's too dark...

I a
lso got some coppertone spray on paint, hopefully it's a metallic shade and not a flat boring colour. There weren't any samples, so I can't be sure...I'll need it in the future, with my steampunk plans. ;)

I'm going to school this evening, so hopefully I'll get my pirate skirt and shirt done, the vest will take a little more time, but I can do that one at home. Actually, I could do all of them at home, but my sowing machine needs a checkup, and my roommate is using her machine most of her free time...^^;

Today's makeup is just a combination of white and green. The pictures suck, cause I haven't seen the sun in 4 whole days now, and the gray daylight is making me not only feel blue, but also look it, and indoor lights make me red. -___-

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, the most boring day of the week

No makeup today, I've been really tired, and I've tried to focus on my sowing projects. I'm planning to go to a Halloween party as a pirate lady, and I've already bought the fabrics and drawn the patterns. I'm using a mixture of patterns; shirt and skirt from McCall's and vest/bustier from Butterick, the skirt and vest/bustier slightly modified. I'm hoping it will turn out ok, I just wish I could find an old fashioned toy gun or a sword to go with the outfit. I'll need a nice hat as well, but I think I'll need to make that one myself as well. Maybe I'll just make a minihat, and put some cyberlox in my hair. I'm going to a gothic Halloween party, so I wanna be a twisted pirate. ;)

I also ended up ordering a pair of welding goggles that I'm hoping to paint and modify to fit my needs. I wanna make them scream steampunk, so I'll need to figure out which kind of paint to use, and find some nice old watch parts, hehe. The base colour is green, so I don't know if I want to touch that, or make it black. This'll be my first project of this sort, so it'll be interesting. ^^

About sowing, I'm sorta aiming to be a seamstress at the moment, though I'm taking my studies more as something to pass my time, than actually aiming for a degree. I'm only studying part time, and I've already got a degree in International Business. The school also turned out to be quite a disappointment, since I basically have to learn everything by myself, and even more so, the hard way, since I tend to learn better from the mistakes I've made. *sigh*

So for now I'm just trying to improve my skills by making clothes for myself, which is kinda nice, or at least it could be, if I actually finished something or liked what I have created. Not an easy task, believe me...f^^;

Hmm, I guess this thing that originated as a random plog is turning out to be more focused on makeup and my sowing projects, as well as some other random projects I want to do...^^; Who knows, maybe I'll end up posting stuff about places I've been to as well. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this blog, and I hope to improve my writing, makeup, and advance in my sowing "studies". See you! ^^

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cherry blossoms in the snow

Today brought along the first snow in my city this winter. It melted away pretty soon, and there wasn't much of it to begin with, but it makes me sad to have to finally acknowledge that winter's almost here. I'm a summer person myself, and hate being cold.

I had already decided to wear pink (hence the sakura, ie. cherry blossoms) today, so added white to represent the snow. I would've wanted to draw tiny flowers and flower petals in the outer corners and on my brows, but I didn't have enough time since I had to run some errands. Here's how my eyes looked today:

And here's me again, black rings under my eyes, as usual. ^^;

Stuff I used:
H&M Eye Shadow Superstar Silver
H&M Eyeshadow Mauritzius(?) -the white half
BeautyUK metallic eye pods eyeshadow no. 1 (pink)
Wet n Wild Mega Liner (black)
Rimmel Extra Super Lash (black)
StarGazer Kohl 4 pen (pink)
Lyra Natura Eyeliner pen 511 (white)
MF (guessing Max Factor? This stuff is OLD, way older than it should be...) Lash Highlighter white (meant for the tips of your lashes and for drawing stuff on your face, not suitable for use as eyeliner)

Ooh I almost forgot! I finally decided to order some of the mineral makeup I've been dying to try, so expect to hear something about those later on. ^^ I ordered samples of things for now, but if I like them, I think I may end up buying more in the future.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dark blue + purple

For today I decided to go with a darker style. I ended up using glittery purple and dark denim blue eyshadows. The very base of the eyemakeup is foundation and translucent powder again.

All the pictures are of the final look, I didn't take any of the process, sorry..

I used H&M Superstar silver as a base, and used it thinly all the way to my eyebrows. Then I used miners Idol Eyes Party Purple Sparkle on the lid, with a wet brush, cause this one tends to be very pale with a dry brush. Then I lined the shape of the outer corners of my eyes with beautyuk metallic eye pods Metallic Eye Shadow no. 11, and filled in between the wanted shape and the purple, and blended the edges using Superstar silver again.

I love to use a very pale, silvery or even white shadow to blend in my dark ones, since it also works as a highlight. I then added some Gosh Angel Effect Powder under my eyebrows (yes, this time I remembered to draw them! xP) and in the middle of the lid, on the puprle, just a hint to get more sparkle.

I used Wet n Wild Mega Liner again (it's pretty much the only eyeliner I use anymore, at least when it comes to black liners) on the upper lashline and painted a big tail on the on the outer corner of my eyes, and tiny ones on the inner corners. I didn't want to use the liner on my lower lashine, so I lined them with the Metallic Eye Shadow no. 11 and used a hint of purple here as well.

After eyeliner, it was time for my trusty black Extra Super Lash mascara. I haven't got an all-time favourite mascara yet, and I always own either one or two at a time. I tend to get a different one every time I buy one, so for now it's going to be this one from Rimmel. I like thin eyebrows, and today I drew them with Wet n Wild Megachrome eye pencil 51 (dark purple). And voilá, this is what my makeup looks like today. ^^

It's a bit more dramatic in real life, but I couldn't get all the pictures to match the reality that well. I clearly need to learn how to use photo editors...f^^; The liner also looks pretty crappy in the pictures, I'm not sure why that is. Clearly the lines are thinner on the inner corner of my eyes, but I'm not sure why it looks so uneven. I guess I need steadier hands, hehe. ^^

And finally, here's one of me. And yes, I'm very fond of Paint.Net's "soften portrait" -function, since it helps me hide any blemishes in my skin, and makes everything prettier. ^^

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I got some new Gosh makeup yesterday, so today was a test drive. All of them were blue, it was a set, but there's a little white in there as well. ^^ And yeah, I totally forgot to draw eyebrows, and when I finally did, they turned out horrible...f^^; But I've only been shaving my natural brows for a FEW MONTHS now, and I'm STILL trying to get them to match in the first place, hehe. ^^;

What I used as base was Rimmel Stay Matte powder, my lids aren't too greasy, so makeup base usually works perfectly. Then I went to town with Gosh Eyeshadow 282, Gosh Effect Powders Spa and Angel. Liner is Wet n Wild black Mega Liner, which I absolutely love, since most liquid eyeliners make my eyes hurt and this one doesn't. The mascara is Rimmel Extra Super Lash.

I have to say - even though I think it's totally obvious - that I'm not a makeup geek. I've just been playing around with makeup for about 10 years now, and I'm still really bad at what I do. =( I also don't wear makeup every day, cause mostly I'm lazy and go nowhere (the joys of being unemployed -___-), but I do try to at least draw on some eyebrows and put on a bit of mascara. When I try my very hardest, I can create a nice and pretty look, but this unfortunately wasn't one of those moments. My camera is also very close to its fifth birthday, but it still works, and I haven't got the cash to get a new one. -___- I'm hoping posting pics of my makeup every now and then will help me maintain my looks and improve my skills in the art. So here, enjoy, and please forgive me. f^^;

PS. That's the actual colour of my bangs right now. ^^