Monday, February 22, 2010

Kryptonite pt. 2

It seems I have gotten lazy lately. Well nothing new there! xP

Miss Bunnyhopp seems to spend all her weekends in Jyväskylä, so I have the whole
appartment to myself. *heart* Not that I really do much anyways, but last week I tried some new baking -related stuff. ^^ I had been surfing baking blogs, and since people make it seem so easy, I decided to try royal icing (pikeeri) decorations for future use. I even bought a couple of tyllas (I'll figure out what these are called in English eventually) to try out, although so far I only used the rose one.

Well, making the royal icing was easy enough, and getting it into a freezer bag worked out without being too messy as well. But then the whole easy and artistic part...yeah, turns out it's actually really really hard! T__T I wanted to make pretty flowers, roses and hearts, but since I couldn't, I gave up and made weirdo hearts, piles-o-poop and satanic crosses instead, lol! I had lavender and black pasta dye, and at first I used just a couple of drops of the lavender one to get the lighter shade, and then tried making the icing black, but got dark grey instead. I read that you could use liquorice sauce to make your icing darker, and then use the black pasta dye to actually get a black result, but I didn't know how it would affect the texture of the icing, so I didn't even buy any liquorice sauce.

I was planning on making blueberry-white chocolate muffins, and then decorating them with dyed buttercream and putting my royal icing decorations on top, but I was too lazy to even bake the muffins!! Shame on me. -___- Well, at least I've still got all the ingredients, so I'll be able to make them this week. Gambarimasu! [Sorry, I've been thinking about Japan a bit lately, and it seems I'm picking up on some of the phrases I wish I was still in Inage! T__T]

The weekend before last turned out to be quite nice, even though I was feeling all angsty about it. The anime club had an allnighter again, only this time it was from 18pm to 4am. I ended up getting there around 11pm, and hang out with Mr. Pirate, Kawaiianimekun, and Weirdomon the whole time. I stayed there until the very end, and had brough my Eeyore plushie with me to use as pillow if I got too tired. Turned out there was nothing on that I wanted to watch, so I was just chatting with people and played a little ITG as well. It was quite nice, I stayed until the end and got to bed around 5am.

Then on Sunday evening my ex asked if I wanted to go watch a movie with some people, and since I had nothing better to do, I went there. We watched 'Night Watch' [Nochnoy Dozor] and 'Day Watch' [Dnevnoy Dozot], both of which I've seen before. Man I wish they had put the cool subtitles of Nightwatch on the DVD! I still prefer Day Watch over Night Watch, maybe because I've seen the first one so many times now, or maybe because I find the whole vortex thing around Sveta so fricking annoying. -__- I felt really awkward the whole evening too, because we were at Mr. Bisexual & his girlfriend's place, and it was just them, Mr. Pirate, my ex and me. Talk about weird...especially since I have nothing in common with the hosts of the evening, and the awkward tension between people...maybe it was just me, but I didn't feel too comfortable. But hey, they had 3 cats for me to focuse on! ^^;

Last Saturday I went to club Karma with Mr. Moviefan and Miss Marvellous, and met up with my ex there. The whole reason I went out was that there's a Burlesque Tour going on around Finnish clubs, and I wanted to see the Queens of Tease. ^^ And they were fabulous! I didn't really catch any of their names though, but the second performer of the evening was clearly the best. She was also the thinnest, but not necessarily the prettiest IMO. My favourite act was by a girl dressed up as Minnie Mouse, it was funny and cute and sexy, of course! ^^ I didn't care too much for the really tall blonde woman, but I was very happy to see that the French guest star was just as chubby as I am, she even had a C-section scar on her belly! She was wearing blue and performed to a Disney's Little Mermaid song 'Under the Sea', which I found quite amusing. I got to the first row during the last performance of the 3 prettiest girls, which was a really fun act. I took pictures of the girls, but unfortunately they all turned out really blurry. =( Oh and I got called a lesbian by this random "show me yer tits!" dork, who wanted me to take pictures of him rather than the performers. Needless to say I ignored the twat and focused on the show. I loved the corsets, the dresses, the shoes, the hair...*heart* Fuck school, fuck edumacation, fuck "normal" line of work, I'm gonna be a burlesque dancer! ;P

Sorry about the name-dropping, I don't want to refer to people by their real names, and I'm not too keen on using their eg. IRC-Galleria names either, so I keep making them up...sometimes even I'm not sure who I'm referring to! *giggle*

Oh and Note to self: Not a great idea to go out partying with people including your ex. It still sucks to see them chatting with other girls. Twat! -__-

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman? If I'm alive and well will you be there holding my hand? I'd keep you by my side with my superhuman might

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  1. Tuo royal icing on kyllä jännää tököttiä :) ite oon sillä harjotellu spritsaamaan bändien logoja (stam1naa jne). Kauniita koristeita miun mielestä!