Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I spent a lot of time with my mom yesterday, which was really nice. We went to the supermarket and just wandered around, picking up this and that and talking about food and dieting and everything. And I found champagne sorbet for sale, 10e cheaper than the regular price, so I was finally able to taste it! \(^_^)/ I picked up quite a lot of food, so it was nice, gets me throught the rest of the week. ^^

Then we went to Seppälä, where I wanted to get this really pretty black little jacket I saw in someone else's blog. Apparently they've had the jacket for quite some time already, but I haven't seen it before. It was only after I saw a picture of it I discovered it, so to speak, and felt I really needed to try it on and possibly buy it. And it was really nice! ^^ The only thing that surprised me was that the material was college, from the picture I thought it was something heavier. It's still really nice, and the style is so nice I think I'm going to draw patterns from it, so I can make another one. ^^ It even had long sleeves! \(^_^)/ Mom bought it for me, as well as a pair of sale tights.

I spent yesterday evening braiding purple curly dreads into Miss Bunnyhopp's hair, and got a really sore wrist as a result. =( It really sucks, cause my left shoulder has been acting up since Monday morning, and I can't get the pain to go away massaging or strecthing the shoulder, and even my pain gel doesn't help. =( I think it's mainly because I've had my laptop next to my bed for quite some time now, and I mostly use it lying down. This combined with a poor sleeping position, and voilá, you've got a really sore shoulder. =(

Miss Bunnyhopp and I were supposed to go to the gym this morning, but she's not feeling too well, I think she's caught a cold, so we'll try again tomorrow. I know, I could've gone by myself, but I want to see if she's feeling any better tomorrow. If not, I'm still going to go, and try to resist the urge to sit in the steam sauna... I should stay away from the pools as well, but I think I'm going to go to the warm pool to try and massage my shoulder, hoping that would help even a little bit.

I've started a diet cause I've gained so much weight since November, with the antidepressants and all the Xmas candy. My first goal is to lose that weight, and if I succeed in that, then continue towards my ideal weight. I signed up for this free dieting website, and am keeping a journal of everything I eat, and all the excercise I do. So far there's pretty much nothing in the excercise column, but hey, at least I'm trying. My wrist is still acting up, so I'm also trying to stay away from the computer.

Which I tried to do by cleaning up in the kitchen. I did the dishes, I cleaned the fridge (!! I can't remember if we cleaned it up even when we moved in here, so it was pretty gross. I'm so proud of myself! ^^), looked into our shelves of baking stuff, and threw out a lot of the old stuff in there.

My piercings are doing mostly fine at the moment. My tongue has been okay ever since I switched the 16mm barbell to a 14mm one, I never had any problems with my first lip ring, and the second one has healed up nicely after I took it out (still annoyed by that, but I liked having just one anyway, so it's all good), my bellybutton is slightly better, though still pretty ugly and crooked (because there's a weird almost-a-lump next to the top hole, and it's grown out a little bit), and my nipple piercing is still new, so it's too early to tell. It doesn't really hurt unless I poke it, so I'm really hoping it heals up nicely and causes me no problems. I miss my industrial, but that one's been gone over a year now. =/I wish I still had five earrings, but that can't really be helped either. I'm too much of a wimp to pierce my own ears, and I REALLY don't have the cash to go get them redone. =/

I'm still waiting for information on our Lip Service pre-order, and trying to keep the money for that separated from the money I can actually use. It's quite hard, cause I'm not sure how much the clothes will actually cost me, but that should all clear up pretty soon. I hope... I need to replace the piercing money to my stash, and since I've spent more than 2e on sweets last week, I have to add 10e to that. *sigh* Money money money...I wish I had some.

By the way, I finally ordered a dance mat, now that I found the one I've been searching for. It's quite expensive, cause it comes with the game In the Groove (ITG), but it was the cheapest one available, and I've been wanting one for like two years now. At least it'll pay itself back in a way, if I do even a couple songs with it every day. I think it's the most fun excercise I can think of, well, outside of bed anyways...;P

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