Sunday, March 07, 2010


NOTE: My camera is still unavailable, so all the pictures have been taken with my cellphone. -___- Also the reason, why I haven't posted earlier; I have to use Bluetooth to access the pics...and I hate Bluetooth, the fucking thing keeps crashing over and over again. Hate.

Anyways. Picture time! Here's a random shot of a suit of armour they had at the fabric retailer's. I don't really know why they had it though, or why it has two extra swords, one of them a Japanese knock-off...O_o

A couple of days ago Miss Bunnyhopp brought me three of her skirts, and said I could have them all for 50e, if they fit and if I wanted them, otherwise she'd sell them over the internet. I tried them on, and they all fit! \(^_^)/ I got this really hot tiny Lip Service black and silver mini skirt. I haven't cheched what the actual name of the line is, so I'll post that later. I can't really wear this in public yet, my tummy is too big. xP

The other one was a long black fishtail skirt made of black denim, I think it's from Morticia? It's a little too short, but I'm thinking about adding some ruffly to the hem to give it a bit more length. The skirt has a button with a bat on it, and some screw-like metal details in the front and back.

The third skirt is from Body Line in Japan, and it's more of a gothic lolita/emo/Harajuku kind of skirt. It's got a lot of layers, and while I was taking pictures of it, the text "The kitty's eyes were full of mischief. Mischievous kitty's playclothes." caught my eye. That's Japan for you! ;P It's still really nice, even with the random garter holders in the front.

Miss Bunnyhopp and I have been cleaning our closets, gathering stuff we no longer need. I'm planning to move to Tampere in about 3 months, so I really need to get rid of all my excess junk! We scheduled the local recycling centre to come get the stuff we can't sell anywhere, so now we're down 1 sofa (my soft green sofa, that I got for free in the first place. Too big to fit anywhere, that's why it was in our kitchen! xD), 1 chest of drawers (best translation atm), and 9 bags of clothes, shoes, plushies etc.! Getting rid of some of that stuff made me really sad, cause I had to give up a lot of plushies, and many of them were gifts. People tend to give me plushies as gifts, so I have a TON of them! I just can't keep all of them, I'm too old anyways! xP

My brother gave me this for Christmas a couple years back, losing this makes me feel so damn guilty...=( It's such a silly cat! *heart*

I bought this pineapple plushie in Okinawa, and it's been with me ever was my best tangible souvenir from Okinawa, I really hope I get to go back there one day....*sniff*

This moose plushie is really old, I got it one Christmas from Mikichan. I still saved the tiny card though! *heart*

I'm also selling a bunch of stuff, and here's some of the clothes I have for sale.

PunkyFish black and red college shirt, size about S-small M. This one was my sister's, and it's too small for me. =(

Then there are these two gorgeous gothic lolita dresses, brand new! I have only tried them on, and I loved especially the purple one, but I just can't afford to keep them right now! I really need the cash, so I'm selling them away. =(

If the clothes look a bit silly, it's because the fitting doll isn't mine and is too small for these clothes. Yeah, Miss Bunnyhopp is really skinny! T_T Also, I didn't put a crinoline skirt underneath the dresses, so they look really flat. They're a lot poofier and prettier with a crinoline underneath. ^^

A pink poofy and soft petticoat. Really pretty, but I just don't use it enough. =/

Black leather belt with tiger print starts, too small for me. Size 34".

If you're interested in any of these, click on the links for more details.

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