Thursday, April 01, 2010

I hope you've mixed up your mud-cocktails...

As some of you may know, yesterday was April Fools day, hence the previous post.

I'm not a lesbian, not even bisexual, and neither is Miss Bunnyhopp, so lets get that cleared out right now. :þ Not that there's anything wrong with homosexuality, I'm open to all relationships as long as both partners truly care for each other. Like a friend of mine said, it's not the sex you fall in love with, it's the person.

Anywho, I love to fuck with people's minds, and I actually came up with the story about a week ago. I wanted to post it earlier as a type of friendship test, to see how many of our friends would actually believe it to be true, how many of them would be happy for us.You know, find out who our real friends are. I decided to wait until April 1st though, because I thought it would make a nice gag at the same time. :þ

Sorry guys, I just couldn't resist. I didn't mean to offend anyone either, so I'm sorry if I've upset someone. I know a lot of you guys did end up gongratulating us in Facebook, and even though the story was fake, I really appreciate all your nice words. You guys rock.♥

SUMMARY: It was a prank, probably not a good one, but a prank nonetheless, I loves the cock! :þ

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