Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things might work out afterall

New stuff! New home! New life! New everything! \(^_^)/

I don't need to stress about things like crazy anymore, at least appartment-wise, since I managed to get the perfect home last week. ♥ I still need to figure out how to get all my stuff there, but I've got until the end of May. Oh, and a job would be great, but that's going to be easier to organize once I get there.

So on Friday my dad and I headed to Tampere with Miss Bunnyhopp and my ex. We stopped on the way for burgers, and got there with some time to spare, so we checked out how long it is to Miss Bunnyhopp's new home and got something to munch on from the store. Then it was time to check out my new place! ^^

The owners were this really nice old couple, and it turned out they hadn't planned any other viewings of the appartment. The place is really nice, on the second floor, with a balcony (yay, flowers!), a bathtub (insert a sigh of uttermost comfort here) with water fee included in the monthly rent, a clothesroom, lots of closet space and a cute little kitchen with a folding table. Suffised to say, me is happy. ^^

I've started packing, I've sold stuff, but I've
STILL got to get rid of a lot of stuff. I'm such a hamster! T___T I know I've got a lot of clothes that I'm just going to throw away to some flea market or something, and the other day I exchanged some of my old magazines and comics to new manga.

The rat shelf is now black, and I've got some netting for the doors, so it's starting to look pretty good. ^^ Still need to buy all the "appliances", and figure out who's got the kind of ratties I'm looking for.

I've found all the towels I wanted, all black and shades of blue. ^^ The dishes are a bit harder to come across, everything's pink or blue or just pure white. Sucks, cause I really want black and purple. Oh well, can't win them all. I found these pretty striped black sheets earlier this week, they were on sale too. ^^

I'm hoping dad'll figure out what to do with my dining room chairs. I have four of them, and they all need to be re-glued, repainted and re-upholstered. I'm thinking black and perhaps purple, or maybe just black pleather. At the moment they are pale wood with red cushions, and squeek when sat in.

The plan with Haru at the moment is to leave her with my ex-boyfriend. I got Haru when we were still living together, so she's kinda his pet too. This would be the least stressful option for her, so it's good.

I'm having a birthday/going away party in a week with Miss Bunnyhopp. Invitations only, we're going for early dinner at Amarillo first, and then heading back our place for some booze, drinking games and partying our pants off! Miss Bunnyhopp has been going on and on about a burlesque -themed party, so at least us birhday girls are going with that one. I want to make us a cake, and I think it's going to be a boob, muahahaa.

Speaking of cakes, I've been practising using gelatine. So far I've made two cheesecakes and one "jelly" cake, and they all turned out pretty good. ^^ Here's some pictures of them. The first one has white chocolate and orange in it with very thin orange topping, the second one is a darker cookie base with vanilla cream cheese in it and a mango topping, and the third one is all blueberry, except instead of cream I used vanilla whip. Deeelicious! ^^

No fancy decorations, cause I made them just for fun. Maybe when I'll actually make a cake for some party or something I'll be bothered with all that stuff.

By the way, I'm really glad people like my hair, since I've never had it fully black before. It's still really short, but it's getting better. ^^

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  1. I hope these taste as good as they look.......amazing work