Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring is for growing stuff!

So a while back I had this idea that I wanted to grow my own chilipeppers and mini tomatoes, and now I've got the tools! \(^_^)/ It took a really long time to get started, cause I didn't know where I'd get the proper seeds and I wasn't really actively looking either. I guess I could've just used seeds from the actual veggies, duh, but I wanted to get ones that were ment to be potted plants.

Earlier this week I randomly came across some cool seeds while looking for the netting, and despite their salty prices, I got three bags of the expensive seeds: cherry tomatoes, chilipeppers and red peppers. Then the next day I got some of your basic kitchen herbs as well as one packet of flower seeds, cause these were a lot cheaper.

Now, if you know me, you know I like round, soft objects, so when it comes to bowls and vases, it's hard for me to find the kinds I like, especially in the proper colours. However, I had bought three cheap black plastic pots and some dirt to start my teeny tiny indoor-garden, when I came across these really cute neon-coloured buckets and just had to get them! ^^ The big one's got the flowers in it, the two tiny buckets have some herbs in them, and the three plastic ones are guarding the more expensive stuff.

All except the peppers were designed to be planted in April-May, so I'm on schedule with those and late on the peppers. I hope they'll start to grow... I've wanted to grow stuff in my kitchen and in the balcony for as long as I can remember... My green thumb just happens to be located in the middle of my palm, I've even managed to kill cacti...f^^;

P.S. Here's what's growing just outside our door. ^^

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