Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Truth is Out There

Miss Bunnyhopp wanted us to wait until we've moved to Tampere, but I'm too happy to hide this anymore. I'm in love!

You see, we've both been hurt by the men we cared about. We've also always been there for each other. And now, after all our disappointments... We've found each other. It's perfect! We're already best friends, we know what the other is thinking about, and we complete each other's sentences.

Why did we think it best to keep it a secret from you, dear friends? Because we know how
your religion affects your thoughts on this matter. We also know that you don't think very highly of us as it is.

This is one of the reasons we want to leave Seinäjoki and our old lives behind. We're afraid of your judgemental opinions on our happiness, and we want to start fresh.
The plan is still to move to Tampere, but in the same appartment, with a mutual rental agreement, as a couple. Lunatic the Bunny will of course be living with us, and Haru the Hammy as well, if only she makes it through the summer.

All I ask of you is to wish us luck with our new life. No hard feelings!

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