Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And all that jazz

So Christmas came and went. Miss Bunnyhopp and I had a Moustache Xmas Party on the 19th, and everyone was required to have a moustache of some sort. It was loads of fun, and we ended the evening by going to Bar15, naturally sporting our amazing facial hair. We ended up taking a lot of pictures, but since I don't think people appreciate looking foolish in public too much, I'll just show you a picture of myself and Miss Bunnyhopp. ;P My friends are entitled to see the other pics on Facebook, so if you think you're one and can't see them, leave me a note.

I spent Christmas Eve with my family, having dinner, watching movies and relaxing. I had fun with my cats, and it was nice to just chill out with them. There was a slightly sad undertone, since this is the second Christmas we've had to spend without Sini...

I didn't do anything on Christmas Day, both Miss Bunnyhopp and I were just being lazy and bumming around the house. Miss Bunnyhopp spent Boxing Day with her family, and I spent it watching movies and TV. We did go to a birthday party that evening, and had loads of fun. I'm hoping to get pictures from that evening at some point. They had a purple-gray-turquoise cake! O_O

Prezzies! I got Sweeney Todd, Chicago, and Burn Notice Season 1. Ankle weights too! xP

My mom made me these lovely socks, and they're just perfect! ^^

I also got a bunch of sweets, and have eaten all of them by now. T_T No wonder I've gained like 4kg...T__T

I also got the cutest mirror ever! <3 style="font-weight: bold;">

Bought some movies on my own as well, 3 for 10€.

After Christmas I haven't really been doing anything, just being lazy and eating. T_T I did finally get that donut date with my ex, after he blew me off twice. *grr* It was ok, we talked for a bit, and I ate a tasty double-chocolate muffin. I love muffins. Part of the reason why I might start calling myself Lady Cupcake. *heart* After that I shopped for a bit, results of which can be found in my ealier postings.

Here's some of my recent makeups.

And here's evidence of snow. This is the house we live in, it's really old.

Yeah. Nothing much to report here. I just feel really stupid for wasting my time doing nothing. The problem is I don't really know what I want to do with my life... I want to travel, but I don't have the money, and I can't get the money if I don't work. I can't find a job, so I've got nothing to do...=( It sucks ass. I get bored and I start to overthink things. Yesterday was particularly horrible, since Miss Bunnyhopp left to meet her potential new boyfriend for the second time, and I kept feeling lonely the whole day. To make matters worse, I kept missing my sister...those days are always tough, and I didn't even have anyone to talk to.

What do I really want out of my life? I want to experience new things, see the world, go on adventures, have a good time with friends, love and be loved, leave something of me behind when my time is over...

But I've become so cynical lately that I'm not sure I even believe in love least not for me. It would be great if there really was someone I could spend the rest of my life with, but how could that ever happen? I get tired of everything! I can't even settle for a haircut for very long, how the hell am I supposed to settle down with some guy? I wish I could have that 'falling in love' -feeling forever....I'd just need to get there first.

I'm lonely.

P.S. At least my financial situation eased up a bit, I'm not getting 200€ more per month to help me pay the rent. Yay! o/

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