Thursday, December 03, 2009

Something to do

Somehow I've managed to spend the whole day at my computer. O_o I woke up early to go to a blood test issued by the doctor a week ago, and have been "moping" in my room ever since I got back. There was this young dude with long hair taking my blood this time, so it wasn't that bad (even though I now have bandaids in both arms..). ;)

I spent all of Tuesday at my parents', reading Don Rosa's finest, and petting my cats while dad installed Win 7 on my laptop. It was installed over Vista, cause I didn't have enough space to empty my computer to an external harddrive, so it took forever. And it's still in Finnish. *sigh*

I haven't gone to the gym, and I didn't go to school yesterday. I've had a headache for a couple of days now, and it's really nasty. I guess it's due to the stress I'm under. =(

I bought a piece of really lovely faux leather yesterday. It's black, and the other side is leather-like, and the other one is really smooth and it looks like suede. It only cost 15e/kg! I also got a piece of pink sports fabric, that I already have a piece, but since I had planned to make a top and some sort of bottom from it, I bought more. Plus I think it was the last of that fabric, and cost me 7e.

I finally washed my hair yesterday (eww I know, gross!), and it feels much nicer. Naturally I've washed my bangs, but not the whole hair. It took hours for it to dry again, but that was to be expected. The weight wasn't too bad this time, I'm getting to like these short dreads more and more. The back of my neck has started to hurt a little, but nothing compared to what it normally is. These haven't really scratched my scalp either, so it's all good. I'm aiming for a 3-week minimun this time, and I guess 5 weeks will be max. After that I'll take them out, dye my hair and perhaps put them back in. Time will tell.

I got some new jewelry from Crazy Factory. Two surgical steel crescents for my left ear, one is 1.6mm and the other one 2mm. I started from a normal thin earring, had a 1mm safety pin (surgical steel, from CF) in it for a week or so, and then yesterday I tried putting the 1.6 in. It went about halfway, then got stuck in a dread, and got tucked in all the way. So I think I've teared my ear too much, cause it hurts now. T_T Plus I lost the little rubber thingies during the night. *sigh* I also got a 3mm plastic plug (the smallest I could find) and a black navel banana with a blue/green "diamond". It's really pretty, and makes a nice change to the one I have. I would've changed the barbell in my tongue to a 14mm one, but it seems I've misplaced those, along with my pretty black moon/star navel ring. I hope they didn't accidentally end up in the trash, cause I can't seem to find them...T__T

Lazy day, I'm tired, since I didn't sleep very well last night, and have been going to bed around 2am. Well, except for last night, I was in bed before 11pm. I know, I surprised myself too. O_o

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