Monday, December 14, 2009

Bonafide Lovin'

I hate midnight angsty posts, and I hate writing them. I can't, however, fall asleep for the life of me, and I've been through all my favourite sites. I'm out of sleeping pills too, so no help there. =( I don't have milk, and I don't want to get out of bed to make tea in the first place. My throat is sore, and I keep coughing. I caught a cold while visiting Boogieman, and it doesn't help that it's -17C outside.

My trip to Jyväskylä was both good and bad. I ended up running to the station again, and had 2 minutes to buy a ticket and get on the train. I made it though, but noticed I forgot my DS at home. =( Luckily I discovered my iPood in my bag, and listened to all the way there, dozing in and out.

I was very happy to see Boogieman, he looked even better in person. ^^ We went to get something to eat, and walked at the town a bit. Then we headed for drinks and played 'Huojuva Torni'. I lost, cause I was determined to grab a block right at the bottom. xP

I'm glad to say his two pet rats did not bite me, like I had feared. I was also pleasantly surprised by how cute they were, since I don't really like things that haven't got a furry tail. But those two were adorable! *heart* We watched Zombieland, and it was just as awesome as would be expected. \,,,/

Boogieman has this massive car, and since the weather actually took a wintery turn (Seinäjoki looked like September-October when I left. -_-), the car kept sliding all over the place. It was quite...interesting. Luckily it wasn't too cold until Sunday.

We went out partying with some of Boogieman's friends on Friday night, and I had quite a nice time all the way to the point we decided to head back to his place. We kinda got separated, and I was too drunk to remember he had the cloak room ticket for both our coats, and since I couldn't get my coat, I was scared to go outside thinking they wouldn't let me back in. So I sat by the door hoping I would be found, and started to panic, since I don't know the freaking city one bit, so I couldn't find my way back on my own. I cried, I was feeling horrible, and then Boogieman came to my rescue. I felt really stupid for not remembering what the deal was with the coats. =( We had quite an interesting walk back though, we crossed a graveyard. :P

Saturday night was time for the "Worst Xmas Party This Year", so we headed to his friend's again. Our hosts had decorated the place with tin foil, and there was punch and booze galore. I had bought more stuff to drink, and helped myself to my own booze as well as the punch. Now, you gotta realize that I no longer drink cider, and I've never been able to drink beer for more than one bottle (in two hours, might I add...). So I'm a "my own special drink mixes" -kinda gal. And I kept chucking one after another, until I was drunk enough to demand tin foil to make alien antennaes on my head. xP I also had my trusty camera with me (I always do *heart*), and we ended up taking random drunken pictures. Pentachan got quite some admiration from people. ^^ (my cam is ...what, 5 years old now?, a cute little Pentax box model)

By the time people decided to head to a bar, I blanked out. Too much booze. I have no recollection whatsoever what has happened after then, but I was told I was feeling really crappy, I didn't want to go to a bar, but I didn't want to ruin people's evening either. Nor did I want to go sleep on my own (apparently I got quite demanding. *sigh*), so Boogieman ended up going back with me. I pissed him off too, cause I kept bawling all the way back, got left behind, and couldn't see things right in front of me.

Apparently at some point I had also called my ex, saying I feel miserable and I really hate ruining Boogieman's evening, but I felt too sick. I think I would've called Miss Bunnyhopp at this point, since she's my best friend, but since I pissed her off just by taking off without telling her, she ignored me the whole weekend. I tried to contact her more than once. Why did I call my ex? Cause he used to be a friend of mine, though now I'm starting to see how it might not work out in the end. I did end up having a minor nervous breakdown because of him a little while back, so I felt sadistic satisfaction when I cancelled a coffee meeting we had planned just a little earlier, and told him what I was doing instead. I honestly don't care, he's got his own life, and I've got mine, and as long as neither of us is rubbing it in each other's face, things are good.

So yeah, for Saturday I'm definitely not proud of. =( From what I gathered, I made a total ass of myself in front of Boogieman and his friends. Way to leave a first impression or what...*sigh*

Sunday was spent trying out games on PSP, and I fell for LittleBigPlanet again. I also got to play a couple of levels of Patapon 2, and I'm surprised I don't have the "Pata-pata-pata-pon" mantra stuck in my head. What I do have stuck in my head is Chromeo's Bonafide Lovin' though...:P

I was originally planning to head back on Sunday the very least, but since we slept in, all the good trains had already left. I decided to catch a straight connection back Monday morning, cause the alternative was to spend over an hour in Tampere all alone, in the middle of the night. =(

Now I'm back at home, and I feel confused. I can't really read Boogieman yet, so I don't know how he felt about the weekend, and I'm kinda nervous to ask, for some reason. I did like him, and I'd like to see him and the rats again, hopefully sooner rather than later. ^^ I just really hate feeling confused.

Oh man, I really need to get some sleep...It's already 5.30am, and I need to be at the unemployment center by 10am.... Last week I promised the guy there that I'd go to this info thing, so I don't have any options. Fortunately it's just for an hour, but I don't think I'll get any sleep after that either, since I still have a pair of pants to make. Yup, I should've finished my school project before leaving, but I didn't. Plus mom is coming in for a fitting tomorrow evening, not to mention the finished project needs to be handed in on Wednesday. *sigh* Hello stress, I didn't miss you, so could you stay the fuck off?!

Speaking of, I nearly froze my fingers off on the way to school, so I stopped halfway to buy a pair of really warm mittens. I managed to lose one of my beloved mittens while I was drunk, and I'm truly mourning it. It was made by my aunt (mom's sister) some 20+ years ago. She also died 20+ years ago, so it can never be replaced...T__T My mom gave them for me to wear a few years back out of the goodness of her heart, so now I'm thinking I'll make a pair just like that to try and make it up to her. =/

School sucked ass, since Miss Bunnyhopp still wasn't talking to me, and I was pissed off, since apparently my cell phone hates winter, and almost broke. I was prepared to start working on the pants, but ended up finishing the bolero I started on Wednesday. I still need to make button holes, and see if I think it needs to be jazzed up a bit. After that I just came back home.

I forgot, I had to be back here this morning because I promised my mom to go shopping with her (it was her day off). We ended up checking out a few stores, and I picked out a Hello Kitty t-shirt pajama and a really cool black makeup mirror for Xmas presents. I guess I've been a good little girl (thank goth there are things parent's don't need to know, eh!? lol) and will be getting several tiny presents this year. I bought some more stuff for Miss Bunnyhopp's present too, and noticed I got some of the things I ordered in the mail. I'm not too happy with them though, I should've checked the description better. The things are WAY bigger that what I wanted to get. (Presents, may be revealed after people receive them). T_T

I blocked Miss Bitchy on Facebook. *heart* I've got no idea whether she occasionally tries to check out my profile, but I fixed all my restrictions too, and randomly tried to block someone. Who better to try it out on than her? ^^ She's never been my friend in there, and never will, just like the situation is in real life.

I'd like to add some pictures later on, but I think I'll need to check with people first. Check back for updates on that. Peace!

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