Sunday, December 06, 2009


Meh. I can't remember doing much on Friday. I went out and bought chocolates and alchohol, cause I got some tax returns. I also got earmuffs, but didn't notice until today that they left the security alarm on them. -_- Need to go back tomorrow to have them take it out.

The local anime club had arranged an allnighter, so Miss Bunnyhopp went there and hang out for a couple of hours. It was fun seeing people. We had sorta planned we'd go out and go to a bar, but ended up getting pizzas and going back home watching TV. I got really tired.

On Saturday I spent the day on my computer again. ;) Then at 8pm I was told that Tony Kakko would be at Rytmikorjaamo that evening, so I got Miss Bunnyhopp interested and we started to put on some makeup and made a couple of drinks, getting ready to head out. About 45 mins later I was told that Tony wouldn't be there, but Ari Koivunen would. A few &%¤#s later we changed our plans to a girls night out, I'm not interested in nonmetal. xP

I got really wasted by the time we headed out, and we didn't go to our favourite bar Bar15 either, since Miss Bunnyhopp didn't want to see the random band there. We headed out to Karma instead. And as soon as we got in and got our coats off, I saw her, Miss Bitchy. I ignored her, and we got drinks and headed to a table. The both of us were kinda glued to our cell phones that night. ;)

Later on in the washroom Miss Bitchy confronted me and told me not to trust my ex. She also wanted a bury-the-hatchet -hug, which she got. I was way too baffled by all of this. I was hurt though, cause she seems to know a lot of things she's not supposed to know. Miss Bunnyhopp and I got some fries on the way home, and I kept laughing my ass off cause I wanted 'kurkkusipuli' in them. Can't be bothered to try and translate that.

I woke up not hung over today, yay for me. I also re-read some of the messages from last night, including the one from my ex. Then I started this big messenger war with him blaming him of revealing my secrets to Miss Bitchy and Mr. Fatso and how stupid does he have to be to keep trusting them when time after time they prove how they are not worthy of that trust. Then a couple hours later he calls me and basically begs for forgiveness. I feel really stupid, cause in a way I'm the same with him. I keep trusting him and he keeps letting me down. And it sucks, cause I really wanted us to be friends.

Another day spent at the computer. ^^ I'm having loads of fun, thanks to Mr. Fascinating. ;)

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