Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mile in these shoes

I thought I'd start updating with something fun, and what's more fun for a girl than shoes and shopping? ^^ So here you go, a list of my favourite shoes.

Demonia Dank-122 (3 1/4"/8,5cm heel, switched dark purple satin laces) and Emily-222 (2"/5cm heel)

The Danks are really cute, despite the fact that I've dubbed them clown shoes because of how they look when I'm looking down at my feet. Lacing them up is quite annoying though, and you easily lace them up too tight. To make things harder, I've got satin laces mixed with round laces, and they're not exactly the same length either....The Emilys are cute, but I've had to have them fixed, because one of the straps came loose. The straps also have a bit of elastic in them, and it had aged, so I had those changed as well. I think fixing them cost me like 15euros, so I'm glad both these shoes came with a discount.

Demonia Swing-815 (5"/12,5cm heel) and Neptune-100 (3"/7,5cm heel, unisex)

I love the platform boots, the Neptunes are really nice to walk in nbut they're quite heavy because of the platform. I've loved Swings for AGES and finally bought the silver ones I've been dying to get for over two years. I'm glad I did, cause apparently they don't make them anymore. They were expensive, but worth every penny! I had to put in some soft insoles to ease wearing them, since my feet HATE high heels. =( They're kinda large around the ankle, but the insoles fixed that as well. My calves are apparently thicker than the average Swing -wearers, cause I had to open the two highest buckles quite a bit in order to wear them. =(

Mudd brown boots and black Mudd shoes with silver studs

I bought both of the Mudd shoes from the States in December 2006, at the time I was completely in love with the collection of Mudds. They were all so big and bulky, and for some reason that made them really appeal to me. ^^ I had to get the black ones cause they're cute and were on sale, and I couldn't leave the store without those brown boots. Yes, they're brown, and don't really go with anything I have in my wardrobe, but I love them none the less. I don't wear them too often though. =(

Black wedge heeled strappy shoes from Halonen clothes store, fabulous black shoes with zipper details and lacing from Ellos internet shop

I got the wedge heeled shoes the past summer, I had a discount coupon, and I was running out of time to use it. I kept looking and looking for something to spend money on, and ended up getting these. They felt quite nice in the store, but I've actually worn them once or twice, because they make my feet hurt. =( The ankle shoes are gorgeous, and I would wear them a lot more, if they weren't so slippery in the winter time and wouldn't make my feet hurt. Like I said, my feet really hate high heels, and I've always got blisters on the balls of my feet after and outing with any type of high heels. =( *sigh* Miss Bunnyhopp got so jealous of this pair she got herself the same shoes. O_o

The not-so-fancy shoes I have: pink winter tennis shoes from Ellos online store, my favourite black button-eyed shoes with a little platform from Nahkapaikka in Tuuri, and cheap (but surprisingly comfortable) flip flops from Prisma.

The pink winter shoes are nice, but don't really go with anything, plus the laces are really short, so I keep having to relace them every time I use them. It's a pain in the ass, so I only wear them a couple times per year. I've been wearing the black shoes ever since I got them, they're fantastic. My feet love them, and they're cute. The little silver details in the front look like eyes, so in my head the shoes are something like puppies. O_o I wear the flip flops a lot during summer time, I would love to run around without any shoes, but there's too much broken glass everywhere for it to be safe. =(

I have other shoes as well, but they're all stashed away in my closet somewhere. Shoes.^^ *heart*

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