Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In my room

I thought I'd make an entry about my recent purchases as well. I went shopping today, and bought some new winter lights to brighten up the atmosphere in my room. I now have white LED-lights hanging around the pink feather wings I have up on my wall, and blue LED-lights with some old blue star-shaped winter lights. They're in a glass bowl next to my TV, they make a pretty decorative item, since I can't really burn candles in my room.

I need to adjust them a bit more, at the moment they look like I just threw them on. Which is exactly what I did. :P

Last week I bought several basic shirts from H&M.

Plus this really sexy nightgown with see-through lace right below the boobs. ;P

I also found this really nice black velvet skirt from a used-clothes store, practically new, and only cost me 3,80euros. I think I'm going to do something about the buttons though, they're plastic and a really odd colour.

I bought some new underwear today, I used up half of my gift certificate at H&M. I wondered around a couple clothes stores, but didn't really find anything nice.

Naughty or nice? ;)

My order from Crazy Factory arrived as well, here's what I got: 4mm fish hook, 3mm tunnel, black and cobalt tongue studs, cobalt and regular barbell pins for my tongue, and a 3mm marble expander. I've got a 3mm one in my right ear atm, and once that's all done, I'll switch it to my left ear. I'm thinking about going up to 6mm, cause all the cool jewelry starts from that size up.

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