Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's the Oogie Boogie Man!

Note: Mr. Fascinating shall from hereon be referred to as the Boogieman.

I blew off school on Monday, I was feeling a bit ill and stuff. I ended up running to the train station at 7.30pm only to see my train had left a minute earlier. O_o Not cool. So I headed
back home, and some guy tried to sell me drugs on the way. O__O The first time ever that's happened to me, I'm starting to feel really uneasy here...

I had a gym appointment on Tuesday morning to check out this new ladies gym here. I was really tired in the morning, and couldn't find my sweat pants, so I ended up heading back t
o bed. I woke up again when my phone rang, some guy was trying to get me to change my cell phone provider again. -_-# I ended up running on errands, and attempting to knit my first woollen socks in years. Too early to say how it's going so far.

I tried to reschedule my appointment with the mental health nurse this morning, but she wouldn't answer the phone. So I blew her off too. O_o; Hey, at least I tried...T_T I bleached my bangs again today. It'll be lavender again, but I decided to leave that to another day. So for now I'm partially blonde.

I was pissed off today, I had sold a skirt, and ended up spending all the money I got for shipping the damn thing. The prices are ridiculous! >=(

School was okay, I ended up making a violet bolero, but I didn't quite finish it yet, cause Miss Bunnyhopp and I left early to pick up some Chinese meatballs on the way home. They are so~ good...*drool*

So yeah. Boring post, I know.

I have to say I'm really curious about this Mr. Boogieman. He's fun to talk to, and seems like a really cool guy. Not to mention he's incredibly hot. ;) In fact, I'm so curious I agreed to go meet him tomorrow. Hopefully this time I'll catch my train. xP

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