Friday, October 16, 2009

Dark blue + purple

For today I decided to go with a darker style. I ended up using glittery purple and dark denim blue eyshadows. The very base of the eyemakeup is foundation and translucent powder again.

All the pictures are of the final look, I didn't take any of the process, sorry..

I used H&M Superstar silver as a base, and used it thinly all the way to my eyebrows. Then I used miners Idol Eyes Party Purple Sparkle on the lid, with a wet brush, cause this one tends to be very pale with a dry brush. Then I lined the shape of the outer corners of my eyes with beautyuk metallic eye pods Metallic Eye Shadow no. 11, and filled in between the wanted shape and the purple, and blended the edges using Superstar silver again.

I love to use a very pale, silvery or even white shadow to blend in my dark ones, since it also works as a highlight. I then added some Gosh Angel Effect Powder under my eyebrows (yes, this time I remembered to draw them! xP) and in the middle of the lid, on the puprle, just a hint to get more sparkle.

I used Wet n Wild Mega Liner again (it's pretty much the only eyeliner I use anymore, at least when it comes to black liners) on the upper lashline and painted a big tail on the on the outer corner of my eyes, and tiny ones on the inner corners. I didn't want to use the liner on my lower lashine, so I lined them with the Metallic Eye Shadow no. 11 and used a hint of purple here as well.

After eyeliner, it was time for my trusty black Extra Super Lash mascara. I haven't got an all-time favourite mascara yet, and I always own either one or two at a time. I tend to get a different one every time I buy one, so for now it's going to be this one from Rimmel. I like thin eyebrows, and today I drew them with Wet n Wild Megachrome eye pencil 51 (dark purple). And voilá, this is what my makeup looks like today. ^^

It's a bit more dramatic in real life, but I couldn't get all the pictures to match the reality that well. I clearly need to learn how to use photo editors...f^^; The liner also looks pretty crappy in the pictures, I'm not sure why that is. Clearly the lines are thinner on the inner corner of my eyes, but I'm not sure why it looks so uneven. I guess I need steadier hands, hehe. ^^

And finally, here's one of me. And yes, I'm very fond of Paint.Net's "soften portrait" -function, since it helps me hide any blemishes in my skin, and makes everything prettier. ^^

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