Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black and white

Went to bed quite late last night, so I slept in this morning. Miss Bunnyhopp wanted to go out shopping, so I went with her. I don't have too much to spend on anything extra, but I needed a new eyeliner since the old one is dying on me. I bought a black Mega Liner from Wet n Wild, since it has a superb price-to-quality ratio, and doesn't irritate my eyes. I also found a bargain bin and grabbed three eyeliner pens, also WnW: Metallic Lilac, Silver, and one that doesn't have a name (no. 8) but looks copper to me. I ended up buying these really cute skull hair clips as well. Don't the nostrils just give more personality to the skull dudes? ^^

In the end I didn't get any dreads done today. =( The second season of Supernatural still hasn't arrived, and I spend so much of today either not at home or doing something else that I just didn't get anything I had planned done. I was hoping to have spent the day watching Supernatural and felting at the same time, but hopefully I'll get to do that during the weekend, since I'm already fully booked tomorrow. I'm going to a big fabric store about an hour away from where I live. It's the town I used to live in, but was glad to get away from, though I'm still way too close. My bank is still there, and I have to go pick up my new card, plus visit a few relatives on the way. ^^

Other plans for tomorrow include going to see the Final Destination 3D movie, as I already mentioned, and Miss Bunnyhopp wants to go to a bar afterwards. Tomorrow is also "wear pink day" for breast cancer awareness, and I've already went through my closet for pink clothes. I think I'll also find my pink nailpolish, and paint my nails. ^^ The cause became important to me after I had a tiny benign lump removed from my r
ight breast a couple years ago.

Miss Bunnyhopp was bleaching her hair today to put in some blue hairdye, and I ended up bleaching the remains of the blue from my bangs. I'm not sure I'll put in any other colour for now, since I'm waiting to get my dreads done, but if I do, it'll either be emerald green or pink. Bleaching my hair always makes me miss being least then I have the perfect excuse for being a dummy! xP

I got my welding goggles in the mail today, and they are freaky!
xD The lower part is a softer plastic than I thought it would be, so I'm not sure paint will stick to it, but it should be fine with the harder plastic. I'm not sure how to switch the lenses to coloured ones though...hopefully this won't become one of my unfinished and forgotten projects....f^^;

Makeup was nothing special today, just eyeliner and mascara with the remnants of the golden glitter. I couldn't get all the glitter out even though I showered, cleaned my makeup AND washed my face. O__o

Anyways, time for nailpolish! ^^

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