Monday, October 26, 2009


I hate the weather, it's gray, rainy and just sucky. I'm also getting really mopy and annoyed because of it, since I need to head out with my bicycle in just a few minutes. Not in the mood for catching another cold. I burned my tongue as well, so I'm extra cranky today. Grr!

Turns out the vest pattern I drew and cut already had seam allowances included, so for now it's huge. Need to adjust it at school, and then find a lining fabric and do the same. Hopefully it won't be too much of a hassle, but knowing my luck I wouldn't bet on it... And I thought I could've spent today doing pocket and collar samples. *sigh*

Season 2 of Supernatural is finished now, only a couple episodes I missed the first time around. So now it's time for the goodies, season 3, of which pretty much every episode is new to me. Yay! Good times ahead. ^^

My pirate gun is looking good, painted nicely. I haven't done anything to the goggles yet, but there's no hurry, I won't need them just yet.

I was going to do a very earthy brown look today, but going through my makeup I realised that I had gotten rid of everything boring aka brown. No brown eyeshadows, no nothing. O__o I did find a matte plum two-tone shadow though, so I decided to combine it with the bronze/copper/whatever Wet n Wild eyeliner pen I got last week. Here's what it looks like.

The reason I wanted to do a really natural look is that I discovered I can finally put my hair into two little piggy tails, and I feel very girl-next-door, hehe. ^^

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