Monday, October 19, 2009

Shopping and school, in that order

Mom took me shopping this morning, which was really nice. I got a couple of shirts, but I also got some makeup stuff as well: a Wet n Wild Rock Solid nail polish in Quartz of Course (a dark shimmery pink); L'Oreal Roll'on True Match foundation; and BodyTalk black fake lashes with baby pink diamonds on them. I've been really curious about the Roll'on foundation, but it's ridiculously expensive. I decided to give it a go nevertheless. It does leave a velvety feeling on your face, and the roll is pretty easy to work with. The only bummer so far is that when you're dipping the roll in the foundation the edges take in more foundation than the centre does, so it leaves slight lines which are easily blended in rolling around more.

My main issue with foundations is that my skin tends to get really oily during the day, and no foundation stays pretty for very long. There's also the eternal curse of having really fair skin, so most foundations are too dark for me. Even now I'm getting really paranoid about this one, thinking it's too dark...

I a
lso got some coppertone spray on paint, hopefully it's a metallic shade and not a flat boring colour. There weren't any samples, so I can't be sure...I'll need it in the future, with my steampunk plans. ;)

I'm going to school this evening, so hopefully I'll get my pirate skirt and shirt done, the vest will take a little more time, but I can do that one at home. Actually, I could do all of them at home, but my sowing machine needs a checkup, and my roommate is using her machine most of her free time...^^;

Today's makeup is just a combination of white and green. The pictures suck, cause I haven't seen the sun in 4 whole days now, and the gray daylight is making me not only feel blue, but also look it, and indoor lights make me red. -___-

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