Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yesterday at school, when I was making my pirate skirt, it hit me. I don't have a backup plan for my outfit... Yes, the skirt failed. But only because the fabric I used is so much thicker and heavier than what was recommended. It seriously looks like I'm wearing curtains. T__T Then I went through my patterns, and had a sigh of relief - luckily I had stashed up on all the pirate patterns I could find. I'll make bloomers now, and maybe try to make a different skirt, that fits the pattern better. ^^

I went out shopping for more fabrics, cause I really wanted to make the bloomers out of black satin. I decided I need to make a scarf as well, one that I can just tie around my waist. Well, did the local fabric store have any black satin? Yes. Was I willing to pay 11,90e/metre for bridal satin? No. I discovered that the store has pretty much replaced every single roll of regular satin (3,90e/m) with bridal satin, which costs almost three times as much. A year ago they still had regular satin in really nice colours, all 3,90e/m. Now that they've moved, I could only find 3 rolls of regular satin, 4-5 stretch satin, and about 10 of bridal satin. It's ridiculous! I ended up buying this teal satin (it was the nicest of those 3 regular ones I could find) and a piece of white organza for the waist scarf. I'm SO not happy with the store, it sucks that it's pretty much the only fabric store here. =(

So now I need to draw the pattern on my own paper, once again, since the pattern papers Simplicity, McCalls and Butterick use are very thin and silky, and I may need to use the other sizes in the future...-___- Those are a pain in the ass to draw, especially since I don't have a good table. I don't want to wait until tomorrow either, I still need to try and salvage the vest.

Luckily I've already got a pack of hairdye, so I can finally touch up my roots with black. I think I'll leave that for Thursday morning at the latest, today I'll focus on the clothes. My bangs will remain blonde until I finish the dreads, and go find a pink that matches them. ^^

Oh, I had also planned to go get a black Gosh effect powder today, but when I got to the only store that I know sells them here, they had none. They hadn't gotten any yet, they had no idea if they were going to get them, and if they did, when they'd be available. I'm really sick of getting answers like that, I wish someone would just take the time to actually find me the answers aka did their job...

At least I finally got to start season 3 of Supernatural, so yay. ^^

I liked yesterday's makeup so much I tried to recreate it with a different eyeliner. It was cool, cause I always use black liquid eyeliner, and the metallic one yesterday proved that I don't need to. I'm just not very good at using kajal pens, so it'll take some time getting the hang of it...unfortunately the lilac I used today was too similar to the eyeshadow, and doesn't really stand out. It's still a nice combination though. ^^

Random lilac two-tone eyeshadow in a really cute metal box
Wet n Wild Metallic Lilac eyeliner pen 9
Black mascara

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