Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, the most boring day of the week

No makeup today, I've been really tired, and I've tried to focus on my sowing projects. I'm planning to go to a Halloween party as a pirate lady, and I've already bought the fabrics and drawn the patterns. I'm using a mixture of patterns; shirt and skirt from McCall's and vest/bustier from Butterick, the skirt and vest/bustier slightly modified. I'm hoping it will turn out ok, I just wish I could find an old fashioned toy gun or a sword to go with the outfit. I'll need a nice hat as well, but I think I'll need to make that one myself as well. Maybe I'll just make a minihat, and put some cyberlox in my hair. I'm going to a gothic Halloween party, so I wanna be a twisted pirate. ;)

I also ended up ordering a pair of welding goggles that I'm hoping to paint and modify to fit my needs. I wanna make them scream steampunk, so I'll need to figure out which kind of paint to use, and find some nice old watch parts, hehe. The base colour is green, so I don't know if I want to touch that, or make it black. This'll be my first project of this sort, so it'll be interesting. ^^

About sowing, I'm sorta aiming to be a seamstress at the moment, though I'm taking my studies more as something to pass my time, than actually aiming for a degree. I'm only studying part time, and I've already got a degree in International Business. The school also turned out to be quite a disappointment, since I basically have to learn everything by myself, and even more so, the hard way, since I tend to learn better from the mistakes I've made. *sigh*

So for now I'm just trying to improve my skills by making clothes for myself, which is kinda nice, or at least it could be, if I actually finished something or liked what I have created. Not an easy task, believe me...f^^;

Hmm, I guess this thing that originated as a random plog is turning out to be more focused on makeup and my sowing projects, as well as some other random projects I want to do...^^; Who knows, maybe I'll end up posting stuff about places I've been to as well. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this blog, and I hope to improve my writing, makeup, and advance in my sowing "studies". See you! ^^

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