Thursday, October 15, 2009


I got some new Gosh makeup yesterday, so today was a test drive. All of them were blue, it was a set, but there's a little white in there as well. ^^ And yeah, I totally forgot to draw eyebrows, and when I finally did, they turned out horrible...f^^; But I've only been shaving my natural brows for a FEW MONTHS now, and I'm STILL trying to get them to match in the first place, hehe. ^^;

What I used as base was Rimmel Stay Matte powder, my lids aren't too greasy, so makeup base usually works perfectly. Then I went to town with Gosh Eyeshadow 282, Gosh Effect Powders Spa and Angel. Liner is Wet n Wild black Mega Liner, which I absolutely love, since most liquid eyeliners make my eyes hurt and this one doesn't. The mascara is Rimmel Extra Super Lash.

I have to say - even though I think it's totally obvious - that I'm not a makeup geek. I've just been playing around with makeup for about 10 years now, and I'm still really bad at what I do. =( I also don't wear makeup every day, cause mostly I'm lazy and go nowhere (the joys of being unemployed -___-), but I do try to at least draw on some eyebrows and put on a bit of mascara. When I try my very hardest, I can create a nice and pretty look, but this unfortunately wasn't one of those moments. My camera is also very close to its fifth birthday, but it still works, and I haven't got the cash to get a new one. -___- I'm hoping posting pics of my makeup every now and then will help me maintain my looks and improve my skills in the art. So here, enjoy, and please forgive me. f^^;

PS. That's the actual colour of my bangs right now. ^^

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  1. Hello Myina,
    Thank you for your Blog.
    Your Makeup looks Beautiful! Great Job!
    I too have one.
    Thank you! Cordially, Roger / Florida / USA.