Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late night thoughts

I'm thinking about adding a Tagboard here, like in my other blog. I just don't know where to find a good one, since the one I have there is only available for one site at a time. Recommendations are welcome. Comments in general are appreciated, so if you have something to say, please do so.

I've been trying to figure out whether I still have the money to buy more contact lenses, and came to the conclusion that I'll make it, so I ordered Air Optix Aqua for six more months. I also got 30 pairs of Focus Dailies, since I got them quite cheap and they're really handy. ^^

I'm quite worried that my plans for Halloween won't work out in the end. =( We're supposed to take over Miss Bunnyhopp's sister's place for the weekend, but MBH said her sister suspects having the piggy flu aka H1N1 virus. Hopefully that's not the case, and we get to spend a fun weekend, virus free. =/

I used the day quite well: drew the patterns for the bloomers and the skirt, and cut the teal satin ready for tomorrow. The bloomers are fairly simple to make, so I should have time to finish the vest as well. I managed to make it fit a little better, but it differs so much from the original pattern, that it'll be really hard to cut and add the lining now. Since it's mainly just for the Halloween outfit, I think I'll make due, and then adjust the pattern more for pirate outfit number two. The other one will have a lilac skirt, silver white vest, and the same white shirt I made for this one. ^^ Hopefully I'll find some of the cheaper black satin, so I can make the bloomers I originally wanted, if they fit. ^^

I also tried out a shirt pattern I drew. I took it from a simple t-shirt I had, drew it out, and then changed it to suit my needs. I used thin purple tricot for it, I know, I should've used something non-stretchy, but I had nothing right now. The pattern still needs to be modified a little, since one of the parts was the wrong shape. It's not too bad though, for my first pattern modification. ^^ The actual shirt will be made from this black pinstripe fabric, and will need a zipper since it doesn't really have much stretch in it.

Blabbing on about my sowing projects again...I guess it's time for bed. ^^

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