Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purple with a dash of gold

Seven days of blogging in a row, yay for me! (Even though this one almost didn't make it...)

I've be
en quite busy today. I was really sleepy in the morning, so it was hard to get out of bed, but then my flatmate Miss Bunnyhopp gave me a deadline: she'd go by some tortilla chips if I'd get ready by the time she comes back and then we'd watch movies. And we did. ^^ Yesterday we watched the first Final Destination, today the second and probably tomorrow the third. Then we're all set for the Final Destination 3D -movie that comes to theatres this Friday. ^^

I watched another movie too, Vanity Fair, and kept drawing&writing stuff for school. I managed to get the papers I needed ready in time, and got to focus on my pirate wench shirt when I got to school. Cutting the fabric, sowing, ironing and everything took me 3 hours + cookie break, but it's only mis
sing the elastic from the sleeves and the neckline. Yes, I'm slow at this stuff...-___-

Tomorrow I'll either focus on making the skirt and getting the lining fabric for the vest, or felt some more wool into dreads. I only made one so far, but it turned out quite pretty, so I'm happy with the technique I used. The dreads will be made of two different colours, so I wasn't sure how exactly to put them together.

Today's makeup was made with a purple eye pen that has gold glitter in it, but it didn't last very long, since I was too tired to search for a purple eyeshadow to attach the pen to my lids better. It's very boring, but I wasn't too interested in doing anything special today.

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