Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sun came out again! ^^

Today's been a pretty good day, I got a lot of stuff done already by noon, so after that I've been kinda chilling at the computer. ^^

I had my tattoo recolored a bit, since it wasn't as symmetrical as I wanted it to be, and it's looking better already. Now the only thing bugging me about it is the fact, that the blue turned out a lot darker than I had originally planned, but there's nothing to be done with that. =/ All in all, I'm still satisfied with it.

I also bought some stuff: several felting needles to help me with my next dread project; 8 plastic backpack clips in two different sizes (I'm not sure what these are really called); some buttons and the Neutrogena facial products that I've been looking for from all the wrong places.

I only really needed the Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub, but they had this special that if you bought two products, you'd get the Moisturiser for free, so I got the Facial Wash too. ^^ They were a little bit more expensive than I thought they would be, but still a very reasonable price, so yay. ^^ Hopefully they'll help me with my skin issues, so I can post more full-face pictures...f^^; It's not that my skin is horrible, I just hate spots, and when taking pictures very close up, they tend to scream "look at me!"....T__T

I managed to find a really cool pirate gun yesterday, and also bought a bling ring to go with it. I don't want to use too much stuff, but the gun will make it more realistic. Though I'm kinda moving towards being a zombie pirate, so I don't know if I'll really need any accessories...f^^; My costume still remains pretty much untouched. I started with the vest yesterday, moved on to a completely different project, and then ended up leaving school early, so I didn't get much done in the end. I'm hoping to fix that this evening at home and tomorrow when I go to school again.

I was happy to found the third season of Supernatural waiting for me in the mailbox, since I just finished watching the first one a week ago. I would've been even happier, if season three had been accompanied by season two, but it should get here by the end of the week. The show is on TV here, and I watched every single episode of season one when it aired, but I'm not sure how much of season two I've watched, but I know I was either still at work or fell asleep during every single episode of season 3, since it aired during the summer, and I was working either early mornings or late evenings. I will be buying season four too, when the box set is finalised, and hope to move on to season five. ^^ I fell in love with the show, and got an enormous kick out of the fact, that being a Gilmore Girls fan, I was accustomed to knowing Jared Padalecki by the name "Dean", and keep telling everyone how funny I think it is that in this show Dean is his brother, Jensen Ackles...xP I also loved how they pointed to Gilmore Girls in one of the episodes, where "Sam" got the shivers "for some unexplained reason" while they were visiting the production studios. xD

Ok, enough about that. ^^ The sun is actually showing today, so I guess that's one of the reasons I'm in such a good mood. ^^

Today I decided to try on the new lashes, so here they are. ^^ I still need to practice putting them on tho...

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