Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun Friday, slow Saturday

No post yesterday, sorry about that. I wore so much pink it was almost ridiculous: a pink skirt, a pink t-shirt, pink-black socks, short black shirt over the t-shirt, pink makeup, 2 pink bracelets, pink-black bracelet, pink bow in my hair, pink underwear...xP Yeah, I was pink. I could've worn pink shoes as well, but went with my usual black ones.

I got a huge bag full of fabrics from the big store yesterday: white tricot with newspaper print (dress and a shirt, here I come), weird pink-beige stripy tricot that I didn't realise I had actually bought until today when I hang it to dry O__o, wine tricot, stretchy elastic tricot (for form-fitting shirts with puffy sleeves), pretty blue college, black and white big stripe college (I'm planning on making a really long pixie-style dress/coat with this one), purple vinyl for detailing, and a bunch of zippers and some nice elastics. My mom sponsored the trip, which is great, cause I'm still flat-ass broke. T__T I've already shrunk the darker fabrics, so tomorrow means a trip to the washing machine for the white stuff. ^^

So I had pink makeup yesterday, and I just applied more for the evening plus fixed my eyebrows. We went the see The Final Destination 3D even though the tickets cost an outrageous 12
euros. I liked the movie, but I expected more from it since they advertised it with "Death saved the best for 3D", so I was kinda disappointed, especially since the tickets were so expensive. I have enjoyed the first movies though, and it followed the familiar pattern with people dying with as much blood and grossness as possible, so there were those fun moments too.

After that I headed to the bar with Miss Bunnyhopp, we just wanted to go out and hang out. The night turned out to be quite a lot of fun in the end, even though neither of us got drunk. There was this band playing, one that I've never heard about, Tracy Gang Pussy. The first couple of songs were kinda okay, but after that I just got really bored since it all sounded the same, the whole gig felt like one neverending song since it all sounded the same. The only word I can come up with to describe them is emorock, and they looked the part too. I hate the word emo by the way, as well as categorising, but man, I just have to use it here...

Anyways, turns out the guys were French, and after some eyeing
from a couple of them and from Miss Bunnyhopp, I decided to drag her to meet them. There was some miscommunication between us, since I find the French accent quite hard to understand, but they were saying something about us going with them to Stockholm, where they had their next gig. O__o Oh and Miss Bunnyhopp and the guitarist got along very nicely, if you know what I mean...;) We ended up with really crappy pictures of us and the band dudes, both of us bought a tiny pin as a "souvenir", and I got a drumstick. I like drummers. ^^

We kept laughing all the way home, it was just too funny. I hid the drumstick under my pillow and tried to imagine it was given to me by my favourite drummer, the hunky Master Tommy, but unfortunately I just had a really weird dreams. He did appear in the last one though, but it was completely weird, and there was a gigantic red beetle in the dream, which ended up attacking me and scaring me awake. O__o

Here are some pictures.

I hate that picture, I look like a freaking emofag. I really dislike those longer partitions on the sides, but every time I try to cut them Miss Bunnyhopp intervenes and says they're nice. Maybe I'll just get rid of them next week when she doesn't see... Oh and I'm so glad my dread project is coming along nicely, I'll get to pretend I have long hair again...-__-

Ooh, for the record, my hair is what it is because it was in a really bad shape and I cut it short to grow it back healthier, but it's still really short. I don't want to cut it any more, because I want to keep it long enough all over to put in dreads. I've also tried to dread my own hair, but it's too silky for that. So part of why it was so unhealthy is due to the dreading process. I promised myself black hair for the winter, but since i get bored so easily, I left the bangs blonde so I can keep switching the colour in them at least. They've been teal and blue so far, next I'm gonna go with magenta/purple/pink.

The story of my hair. All in all I've had dreads three times now, all synthetic. The first ones I had were storebought, and really thin, quite poorly made too. I had them in my hair twice, in two different combinations. The ones I had last time I made myself, synthetic, some of them softish and others quite hard, because I'm still learning how to make them. They were also falling apart, which sucks ass, cause I spent A LOT of money on the fibers. =( Unfortunately I can only use the dreads for short periods of time, because they start to scratch my skalp and have left the back of my head very sore every single time. I'm hoping the woollen ones I'm making won't cause so much problems. =/

Today I've been needle felting black wool together with the pink/purple I have, and washed 3 of them into their final shape. I have 18 waiting to be soaped, and I think I need to make twice as much to be all set. Luckily I can do that with the wool I have, so no need to buy more. ^^ Unless I want to try another colour...^^; Luckily the second season of Supernatural arrived on Friday, so I've spent a really relaxind day with that and the dreads. ^^

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