Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today was really hectic! I woke up somewhat later than I had planned, I was really tired this morning, but I managed to get to work almost right away. I still had lots to do for my project due to slacking off the past week. I started with the drawings and worked my way through the detailed seam graphs. (Forgive me, I'm at a loss here, for I have no clue of where to find a Finnish-English sowing terminology dictionary, and my terminology in English is very limited =(...)

I also wrote the work order, well, a couple of drafts for it anyways, and managed to make lunch in between.
Miss Bunnyhopp and I watched this movie 'Quarantine' before going to school, and ended up being late because of it. It was a creepy movie though, and I had time to take a breath and eat while watching it.

At school I ended up drawing the final sketches of the pants I'll be making, coloured the sketches, and glued them to a pink cardboard. I glued all the main info to a pink and a lilac cardboard, it was Miss Bunnyhopp's idea so all glory to her, I merely just copied her on this one. (She got black and red cardboards though). xP I added all the sketches and drafts of things to the folder, and handed it in. Then I started working on my pink rose skirt again.

A while later the teacher comes to me saying I need to colour the seam graphs using blue, green and red. I did that, and about 5 minutes later she comes to me again. "You weren't actually supposed to colour this bit, but to draw green lines here." I'm like what the frick, what freaking difference does it make whether I actually colour a bit or use lines to indicate that the certain area is supposed to be green. O_o Then she starts asking about my drafts and all the sketches, as if it's not clear that the ones on the cardboards are the final versions and all the other stuff was what I used to get there. Especially when I wrote 'draft' in all the older papers. -__-# So I had to write 'final' in them before I could finally hand them in. *sigh* The whole thing is so freaking anal it's ridiculous...

But by Monday I'll know whether I've passed stage I of this project thing. Now I'll need to make the actual patterns, cut the fabric, and make a pair of test pants. Then at the end of this month I'll have a fitting with my client aka Mom, make adjustments if needed, and then make the actual pants. They'll be handed in right before Christmas, and I guess in January I'll know whether I passed or not.

The whole day was so freaking stressing that both I and Miss Bunnyhopp kept swearing our cute little butts off when we got home. After a completely missed episode of C.S.I Las Vegas I've just slumped in my chair wandering around the wonderful world of teh Interwebs. As a result my laptop is all hot and bothered (no, I don't watch porn, I'm a good little girl...sometimes) and it's about time I went to bed. Appointment with the mental health nurse tomorrow before noon.

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