Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just wanted to share what I made at school today, since I actually finished something. Half-finished projects ftw! \(^_^)/

A fleece shirt I started aeons ago, but finally finished (I made it
way too big originally). It was supposed to have D-rings in both sleeves, but the trim I used with the D-rings was too rigid, and I ended up taking the whole thing away. The paw trim is really cute, don't you think? ^^

The pink skirt I've been talking about. It's more of a lavender pink, or as one of my ex-boyfriends would call it, pinkle. A purplish pink. The roses are brown, so I used a brown zipper. It's quite oo-la-la, and makes my butt look good. ^^

Yes, I had a pink day, I confess, I'm a pinkaholic! So sue me! T__T ...I've done so much black stuff until now, I think I'm entitled to some pink stuff for a change...

I'll post pictures of my sowing projects again once I have something concrete to show.

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