Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blah blah blah

Argh! I'm really stressed about my school project. I finally got my patterns done today, after a really long time of thinking and calculating and correcting my lines. I also cut the fabric for the fitting pants, but didn't get around sowing it yet. I'll need an early start tomorrow morning to be able to finish them in time. Monday's the second evaluation for this project, so wish me luck.

I really hate being stressed, I start to binge eat without even realizing it. I got a bag of chips, a box of chocolates, and a box of liquorice from the store yesterday, and now... There's a nothing left, I finished the last chocolates a couple minutes ago. I'm gonna be such a fatty...T_T

Miss Bunnyhopp is starting to get excited about Christmas, but my anxiety about the whole holiday is piling up. I like giving presents in general, but Christmas is such a stressful time. I promised to send my Japanese friend an Xmas card, and I'm going to be sending one to Australia too. I love receiving mail, and am glad I've found at least one new friend from this site called Interpals. ^^ I also know what I'm getting Miss Bunnyhopp, and found something tiny for Mr. Pirate, but other than that I have no idea.

Maybe I'll make cookies! Like the ones I made two years ago. They were fun, see for yourselves. xP

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