Friday, November 06, 2009

Kitiara's pet dragon

I messed up my eyebrows today, so I made wings out of them. Sorta. Yes, I wore makeup today! Improvement, I guess...I didn't even get that many weird looks, even though I went out in public with this look. I'm surprised. O__o

I've a
lso eaten quite normally. It's kinda hard not to, when Miss Bunnyhopp made an omelet and bacon for breakfast... She wouldn't buy chocolate either, unless I got a box, and she really wanted her chocs...f^^; So I've had chocolate and liquorice today too. Kinda annoyed that I did, but I guess food is just stronger than me. =(

Today was okay, I'm just bummed cause I didn't do anything active. =( I was thinking about going to the gym again, but MBH has hurt her back somehow, and can't really come with me right now. =( My thighs are hurting, which is kinda funny but really annoying. O__o

I'm still not doing very good, feeling anxious and just generally bad&sad. I did manage to book a doctor's appointment, but it's not until next week. It's on the same day they're giving piggyfly shots to those who are in the risk groups, so I'm going to get a shot since I have asthma. My mom requested it, and hey, if I die, you'll know not to get it, right?

I finally get to start season 4 of Supernatural, so I'll either head to bed soon, or start watching that. Maybe both.

Oh and whoever knows who Kitiara is, gets a bonus point! Takhisis might fit better here, but for some reason Kitiara sounded better in my head. No, I don't like her. I just felt evil. (and wore all black)

I like my hair a little better now, after my bangs got a bit more shape.
They're still gray though...

Gosh Effect Powders Angelic & Bright'n'Black
Wet'n'Wild Eyeliner pen
Black mascara

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