Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday, bleh

Right, back to date now.

I went shopping for stuff today, needed fresh cases for my new contact lenses. I still have enough solution for about a month, but the packets come with just one case. Found those, and also got this Cailap razor to try on my eyebrows. I hope I won't hurt myself too much with it, it is still a razor, and thus quite sharp...

On my way to school I stopped by Emotion to see if they finally got the new Gosh line, and they did! They didn't have the false lashes or the eyeshadow palette yet, and no idea whether they will get them or not. But! I did get the effect powder ^^ It's funny, I looked for it all over Tampere, and had to get it here. O__o 18 Bright and Black, all mine now. ^^

About the Neutrogena facial products I got earlier...I'm not too happy about them. I started out using the Blackhead removing wash twice a day every other day, and the gel wash in the days between, but quickly moved to using just the Blackhead one. My face isn't any cleaner, the blackheads are all still there and I keep getting spots just like I did before. =( It does leave my face nice and matte, just a tad too dry though, so I'm glad I have the moisturiser as well. That one is a keeper, it makes my face soft, moistured and not shiny at all! ^^

I got 3 natural facial bars in my Elegant Minerals order, and I tried one of them this morning. It's scented Vanilla & Oatmeal, and even though the smell is quite strong, it's still very pleasant. And the results were squeaky clean, quite literally! The other two are Wild Berries and Chamomile and Apricot, but I'll leave those be for now. I think I'll either choose to use the EM facial bar, or keep using Neutrogena, or maybe just mix both. It's hard to find a product suitable for my skin. =(

Oh, I did try the razor, and I don't think I'll end up using it too often. It does a clean job, but it also takes a lot of skin with it, so it leaves my brows sore and screaming for moisturiser. Quite unpleasant. =(

I didn't do anything special at school today, I focused on pockets and made practise pockets for future reference. I think I'll spend Wednesday working on different zippers and collars. Then next week I'll continue with my clothes again. ^^

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