Thursday, November 19, 2009


Gyah, I need my daily dosage of Supernatural, but I've already caught up to date...T_T Oh well, luckily there's a new episode on tomorrow. ^^ Oh no, I'm turning into a fangirl! T__T

I had my appointment with the mental health nurse today. I poured her the major facts of my life, she said I've been through a lot, and that she would like to see me a few times more. So I'm going back next month, and I have to take a few photographs with me so we can discuss them.

I also have a check-up with the doctor next week to see how the meds are working for me. So far I can say it's good. I sleep better, my appetite is back, and my suicidal thoughts are gone. I still feel somewhat anxious at times, and I'm defitinely not a 100%, but I'm getting there.

Miss Bunn
yhopp has been sowing all day, and I feel kinda bad I haven't done advanced any of my sowing projects, but I'll catch up tomorrow. We're heading to the gym again, both really determined to lose weight and tone down. At least we have a mutual goal, even though she weighs about 12kg less than I do atm...T__T I just can't keep a diet...I wish my appetite was still gone. =( I also plan to go through my stuff and try to sell whatever I don't use, need or have an emotional attachment to. So far I've only listed a couple of plushies, a skirt, and some tiny junk. You can see what I have for sale here.

I had an energy drink today, for the first time in months, and I really felt the effects. It's weird, I take these pills to help me sleep, and now I take an energy drink to stay alert. xP I ran some errands today, so it was okay.

Oh, I'm really excited: I bought a Lip Service hoodie last night, a used one, I hope it's the right size. I also hope Miss Bunnyhopp doesn't kill me once she finds out I bought another Lip Service hoodie and a minidress too, from the same collection she has stuff's not my fault she saw
them first, and it's not my fault I happened to stumble across them for a bargain...they're new, so if they don't fit me, I can always sell them, Lip Service happens to have excellent resale value...^^

I should clean up my room again, I'm too messy even though I've tried to tidy up after myself. =(

Ooh, I managed to find a picture of my makeup the d
ay my camera died, I got like one decent shot before the batteries ran out.

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