Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Day in the Life

Gah, this day will never end! And I still need to be awake at 3am, when an item I've been watching ends on ebay. Grr!

I've been really bored and in my usual Sunday blues, especially since Mr. Fatso (again, if I don't know what you'd like to be referred to, I'll make something up. And I'm not necessarily nice. I changed what I originally called you here. Be happy!) invited his friends to a spa resort to celebrate his big three-oh. Nobody's been at their computers all day, so I've just been watching everything I could get my hands on. On season 3 of Dexter now.

To take advantage of my boredom I took under a hairdye project, and after bleaching and dyeing my hair is now lavender/black. The lavender is really nice, although quite pale, so I hope it stayes a little better than Stargazer or Phantasy. I cut my bangs a little shorter, and once again feel quite weirded out that it's so short. I haven't decided what to do with t
he sides yet. I'm thinking I'll shave some of it completely, maybe tomorrow brings upon another change.

I also trie
d out a two-tone pill stud in my tongue, I bought 3 of them ages ago but still haven't tried them out. The plastic pill reeks! Even after boiling it still smelled pretty bad, luckily I can't taste it thouhg. It's not very practical either, eating is quite hard, and it feels like I have a plastic spoon in my mouth all the time. I think the barbell is a bit too long. My left arm hurts from where I was injected. I can't sleep on my left side because of the pain, my arm is really sore. Hopefully it'll ease up in a couple of days. The right one is completely fine, only if I press the injection spot it hurts. Huh, I seem to have a little fever as well, I'm not feeling it though. I'm just a little sleepy, have been all day. I've got an upset stomach, but I don't know if that's because of the shots or something else. Annoying. I smell like death.

Tomorrow is law stuff at school, but we'll have time to do some sowing as well, so I should prepare something to take with me. I'll keep the backpack as my home project for this month, as well as finishing the pink skirt, so I'm not sure what I should do. I have several unfinished projects w
aiting, so maybe I should just pick one of those up, but I don't really feel like it. I feel like starting something new.

And yeah, I need to draw the patterns for the pants next week, and make the proto pants, since we scheduled a fitting for the 30th. I don't even know what I need to have prepared for the second evaluation, but I guess I'll just ask tomorrow. The finished pants need to be handed in December 16th, that much I do know, but for the second idea.

I really feel like sowing, but it's nearing midnight, so I re
ally can't. Maybe tomorrow morning. Also need to clean up my room, my floor has gotten quite messy. I have this matress cube sitting around in the living room, and I think I might bring it in here to use as an extra chair to put my clothes in at the end of my bed. I'll see about it tomorrow.

Btw, I've fallen in love with my Elegant Minerals Vanilla &
Oatmeal Facial Bar, it makes my face squeaky clean. *heart* >
And once again this post took me like 4 hours to write...

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