Saturday, November 28, 2009

Go away Xmas, we don't want you here!

I went shopping yesterday, and got these from H&M. Really cute black velvet shorts, interesting detail in these is that the zipper is on the side and not the front. Picture taken from the back, nice little pocket details (they are actual pockets too, and not just for show). I love them!
Angel Kitty top&panties pyjama, I wanted the black Devil Kitty version too, but couldn't afford both. Gasp, a picture of my unmentionables in the internet, what a scandal!
I wear a lot of skirts and dresses, so I need warm tights or leggins to be able to wear everything I want and still stay somewhat warm in the winter time. I found this set of gray and lavender tights thinking they'd be nice and warm, but it turns out that they're a lot thinner than they look. They are still pretty good, but not as good as I had hoped. =(
Today I bought another two pairs of tights, still not warm enough, but at least I'll have a change while last winter's warm ones are in the wash.

And here you have a picture of me with my new hair. Notice the gigantic bags under my eyes. T__T

I started drawing a pattern for basic pants yesterday, but that plan came crashing down when I realized I don't know where some of the numbers come from. I can't finish the pattern when I don't know the numbers I need or how to calculate them. =( So I haven't been able to make the fitting pants, or adjust the pattern. In other words - I'm screwed. Miss Bunnyhopp's mom is coming by tomorrow, and since she's a teacher of this stuff, she'll hopefully be able to help me figure it all out. Then I'll get the pants done by Sunday, and spend Sunday evening and Monday morning writing out answers for the questions we got on Monday regarding the law stuff. *sigh* I'm stressed out.

I'm also stressed about Xmas presents. Let it be known that I hate Christmas, have hated it for several years now. For various reasons, one of them being the commercialisation of the whole thing. I'm not into the religious bit either, I consider myself agnostic/atheist, and don't belong to church anymore. I was baptised as a baby, and I've gone through confirmation camp, but I didn't find God as a kid going to Sunday school, and I sure as hell (pun intended) didn't during confirmation. I went thorught it because I didn't realize I had a choice. There are lots of things in life I didn't and still don't understand, I'm naive and quite dumb, and religion was one of these things. Now I've made my choice and I'm very happy with it.

Christmas is too commercial. There's Xmas shit everywhere you look, and it creeps into stores already in October. I don't like Christmas decorations, all the tacky santa & elves shit give me the creeps. Bright red and gold have never been my favourite colours, and during Christmastime they make my eyes hurt. I'm more of a blue-silver kinda girl. I think white trees, dark green, blue, violet and silver decorations are okay, as long as they're used in moderation. I hate how people stick Christmas lights everywhere, it's ridiculous and looks horrible. I myself own two pairs of Xmas lights though, one set of blue stars, and a set of pink lights. The pink ones were supposed to be purple, are a year old, and have half faded into yellow. I use them in the wintertime when it gets dark, they make my room so much nicer to be in. Plus they match all the pink shit I have. I'm thinking about using the blue ones this winter though, since the pink ones are turning yellow more and more, and I hate yellow lights. I might get a new LED light set some day.

I hate Christmas carols too, they are tacky and make me feel like my brains are melting. I hate how they are played in every single fucking store you enter in December. I can however think of couple that I actually like, mostly cause they sound so sad to me. Here's one, called "Näin sydämeeni joulun teen". Here's another one "Varpunen jouluaamuna", the lyrics are really melancholic and sad. Sung by Tarja Turunen of Nightwish. And my absolute favourite, "Tulkoon Joulu".

I hate Christmas foods too. I don't like ham, I don't like liver casserole, carrot casserole, rutabaga/swede casserole, rosolli (it's made with red beets, carrots, potatoes and onion) and most of all, rice porridge. Yuck. I also hate most of the Xmas chocolates, cause they are boring and filled with crap. The ones I like include Daim, Brunberg (truffel chocolates), and Budapest (nougat? chocolates). Speaking of chocolates and Christmas, I got a Winnie the Pooh Xmas calender with chocolates in it. I don't like Winnie the Pooh (Nalle Puh) or Piglet (Nasu), nor that rabbit person (Kani), but I do love Eeyore (Ihaa) and Tiger (Tiikeri) is nice too. And Heffalump (Möhköfantti)! I haven't seen Heffalump movie yet though. =( I'll post a picture of the calendar later, I don't have one yet.

I hate not being able to get presents for everyone I want. It's also really hard to find presents for my dad and my brother. I think my list of people who to get presents this year include my family members, Miss Bunnyhopp, my ex, Mr. Pirate, Mikichan, and My Siamese Twin. So not too many presents to get. I'll make cards for others, and I have an idea for a tiny gift I can make if I have time. Boys are really hard to shop for. =( I found what I'm getting for my mom though, so that's one down, seven to go. ^^

Okay, I think I've bored everyone to tears right about now, so I guess I'll end this here.

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