Monday, November 02, 2009


I got my Elegant Minerals -order on Thursday, and took all the eyeshadow samples with me to Tampere. I decided to try some of them on Friday, and ended up using two greens. I felt like a lizard, hehe. ^^

The samples weren't exactly the same colour I had expected them to be, but I guess that's because of the differences in monitors. My pictures look completely different on a laptop screen and a table PC screen. I wasn't too fond of some of the colours, but the greens were nice, as well as one of two of the pinks and a black glittery one. Oh and the silvers...*heart*
Elegant minerals eyeshadows Mermaid (lighter) and Rainforest (darker)
Wet n Wild Mega Liner black
WnW black kohl pen
Black mascara

Oh and it snowed!

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