Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm back =/

I had a great weekend and a good Halloween. It was nice to go someplace else for a change, and it's kinda sad I had to come back. =(

I got bored in the train, even though the trip only lasted about
an hour and twenty minutes.
Luckily I had my trusty DS, I think here I was playing
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End...xP

I love Tampere so much, the buildings are incredibly beautiful, the roads are all lumpy and fun and annoying, and they had the weirdest street lights - horses, Bugs Bunny, and some weirdo patterns I couldn't even figure out. I wanted to take pictures of everything, but Miss Bunnyhopp doesn't like playing tourist, so I barely have any pictures from my surroundings. =(

I'm a sucker for men with long hair, so I enjoyed wandering around the city aimlessly cause everywhere I looked, there was bound to be at least one more or less cute guy with cool hair...^^

Ehm, I hate birds, and I have this sadistic phantasy of running in the middle
of a flock af pidgeons and just kick one...xD
And this is the one I wanted to kick.
Rest assured, I didn't do it. Yet.

There are some really nice stores in Tampere, but unfortunately I didn't really have any extra money to spend. I did
get a Hell Bunny corset top, hair dye, a rose scented candle to burn on the 31st, a chess shot glass, some cheap pirate-themed jewelry...just little things. ^^ Well, except for the top, but that one was discounted too, so it's all good. ^^ My money was mainly spent on the train and bus tickets. =(

Oh, I almost forgot! Eurokangas is fantastic in Tampere, though I actually went to the one in Ideapark. I found this really coold gray floral patterned cotton fabric, and I already have big plans for it. I also got the cheaper black satin to make another pair of bloomers, only I have to remember to adjust the pattern this time.

The Samhain party was cool, everyone was gorgeous and people had really great costumes. It could've been arranged a little better, since there was a ridiculous line to the bar throughout the whole night, and they even ran out of tequila around midnight! O__o Also, I heard today that the doormen had started to charge double for the cloakroom after like two hours since opening. o__O

I had fun though, good music, nice people, (expensive) booze...^^ I did get bummed and lose all interest in partying at one point though. =( I ended up approaching this really hot guy who looked like he just walked out of my dreams...and got rejected. And it really hurt. I guess it's because I haven't been single in such a long time and am kinda rusty with this whole flirting & approaching thing... I just got really depressed.

I mean, naturally I've been burned and had my heart broken. Still, when I think about it, I've been lucky with matters of the heart. I haven't had to look for love for very long, it's always found me. It's the 'staying in love' -part that I have issues with...but that's a whole new story.

But yeah. On the 31st I lit my Samhain candle to protect me from evil spirits. Tonight the candles burn in memory of my sister.

---I'll add pictures of my outfit, my makeup and some random pics from the trip tomorrow. I don't have all of the pictures now, and I really want to install another editing programme on my computer, since the auto-levels in are all screwed up and it's the only way I know how to fix my pics... -__- ----

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