Monday, November 02, 2009


We spent Saturday afternoon watching movies and playing around with makeup, trying to choose what kind of look we'd do for the evening. You can see I got kinda bored...
Our movies were themed with superheroes, and I got really anxious, cause I finally watched Spiderman 3. Spiderman used to be my favourite superhero, based on the comics I'd read, but after the movies...he repulses me. And it's sad to have that effect from your childhood hero. =( Iron Man was a really cool movie, but then again, it was my first contact with the hero, so I can't really compare it to anything. With the new Batman movies I'm leaning more towards Mr. Wayne now, even though the growling voice thing is ridiculous... Also, our host was playing a PS3 Batman game on Thursday evening, and it was really cool, dark and violent, so that effected the whole Batman image I have as well.

I went for sea-like makeup with my outfit, and used blue and green.
The colours came from Miss Bunnyhopp's palette, I think it's by BeautyUK?
I'm not sure though,
but the colours are really vivid and cool. ^^
The eyebrows here aren't finished yet, just outlined. feels weird. My alltime favourite comic hero is Lucky Luke though, and I tend to avoid the cartoons, since I love the comics so much. ^^ It's the same thing with Dragonlance Chronicles, I absolutely refuse to watch the cartoon they made based on the books, since I really don't want to destroy the images I have for everything.

After a few drinks my aim was kinda off...xP
Right, back to Halloween topic, and my outfit. Here it is! ^^ Miss Bunnyhopp lent me her brown pirate boots, but I couldn't find a hat. =( It's still cute, right? ^^

---Pictures added to Sunday's post.---

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