Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Enjoy the unknown

Today was not my day. I planned on waking up early, and getting my project done. I ended up waking late, had to cancel my appointment with the mental health nurse (don't worry, I merely rescheduled), draw a couple of sketches and would've forgotten breakfast if it weren't for Miss Bunnyhopp. The back tire of my bike is busted, so I was late for school, and I forgot my wallet at home, so Miss Bunnyhopp had to pay for my fabric purchases.

I looked at my pinstripe top at school, figured out what to fix with it (it's too big, one of the pieces is a weird shape, but all in all, it'll be good once I have more time to spend on it), and then stole Miss Bunnyhopp's skirt pattern once again. I made that one a little too big again, since she's smaller than me, but it's going to be pretty as well. Hopefully I'll actually wear it when it's finished, since it's pink jeans fabric with brown roses on it... Not exactly my style? Well, judging by my room, it's exactly my style...my room is very pink...f^^; Especially now, since I turned on my winter lights again. They were supposed to be purple, but in reality they're pink, and since they're already a year old, they've burned yellow. =(

We're planning on hitting the gym and swimming pools tomorrow morning, Miss Bunnyhopp and I, so I should probably go to sleep now. I'm going to watch another episode of Supernatural though, I'm almost up to date now and things have gotten really interesting... Hopefully my school project will advance tomorrow.

I've got no pictures this time either, my bumming around this morning lead me to not actually putting on any makeup or even my contacts.

'Gank' is my new
ultimately favourite word. Thank you, Dean Winchester! *heart* "Let's go gank us a Paris Hilton."

P.P.S. For some reason I've been hearing my name screamed at me a lot the past two or three days... I guess I've been embarrassing Miss Bunnyhopp with my perverted little remarks. xP Not to worry, I'm not going to stop...*evil grin*

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