Friday, November 13, 2009

Horror Show

Another 12hour night. Feels kinda nice for a change.

I talked to mom today about my school project, and we decided that I'll make her a pair of pants. I know the style now, and I took her measurements, so it should be fine. I'll draw a couple of sketches for her to choose from, and then make the required detailed paperwork by Wednesday, when I have to hand in everything for the first evaluation.

Miss Bunnyhopp and I wandered around town a bit, and then she decided
to go see a movie. I refused to go with her, since I'm not a big fan of scary movies and she wanted to go see 'Paranormal Activity'. A friend of ours agreed to go with her instead. I would've much rather gone see '2012', but felt too pathetic to go alone. I feel even more pathetic now that I'm home alone writing this, but meh...

I want to get wasted. I'm tired though, and my contacs have been feeling really dry in my eyes all day. Totally sucks, cause these are supposed to be the improved, breathable lenses. Blah.

Makeup today again Gosh Effect Powders Bright'n'Black and Angelic, eyebrows drawn with BnB as well.

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